RIP: Scott Summers
the Summerlands

The term "fiction" or the latin 'fictio' denotes a "thing made," a "falsehood," or a "fable." But sometimes these "lies" we tell for entertainment purposes, these "stories" if you will, have meaning so univeral and heros so true, we cannot help but accept them into our own imaginations and make them a part of ourselves. Scott Summers aka Cyclops of the X-Men was one of these fictions, these heros. His recent "passing" inspired the following stories and here, several writers pay homage to a character that has captured their imaginations in individual ways.

So enjoy and keep a candle lit somewhere in your heart for Scott Summers.


Absence by Mary Trauthen
Jean does her best to cope with Scott's death while she sifts through her memories of their time together.

Aftermath by Maria Cline
Inspired by some fan-based theories which kept Cyclops from sacrificing himself to save X-Man, this story shows Scott dealing with the consequences and regaining a son.

Angstus Dei by Phil Hartman
Set at the end of X-Men 97, Apocalypse's plans go awry and Cyclops becomes... a God?

Bleed by Alicia McKenzie
Set just days after the events in X-Men 98, this story asks the question...what might have happened between Phoenix and Cable after she stopped him from finishing off Apocalypse?

Breakfast by WGSarah
Scott finds a new life after his "death," one without the X-Men in it. The question is when will his past catch up with him?

Burial by Lise
(PG) After Scott's death, Jean wrestles with some of the hard truths of death and the Dream...

Cinders by Phil Hartman
Many months after Scott's passing, Jean returns to Westchester... with a surprise.

Cold by Cosmic
Jean reflects on how empty her life is with Scott gone.

Control by Redhawk
The minds of Scott Summers and En Sabah Nur are one. But who is really in control?

Copper Coins by K-Nice
What would Jean give to have her husband back? A companion piece to 'Iron Will'

Dear Scott by Twiller
After returning from the "dead" himself, Alex Summers copes with the loss of his brother.

Defeating the Darkness by Galaxia Alpha
Trapped in Apocalypse's mind, Scott bides his time and reclaims his life.

Distant Voices by Andraste
After Cyclops's passing, Xavier is stricken with survivor's guilt and several of his friends and compatriots react to his "solution."

Eulogy by Dex
Jubilee says goodbye to Cyclops in her own way. Follows events referred to in Dex's classic tale, 'Orphans'.

Fairy Tale by Domenika Marzione
Still grieving Scott, Jean realizes that even though the dreamer is gone... it doesn't mean the dream must die.

For Remembrance by queenB
Angel and Beast pay their respects to their fallen teammate.

Iron Will by K-Nice
Scott has always been a fighter, but can he withstand this one last battle?

A Little Faith by Diamonde
After Cyclops's passing, Bobby helps Cable say good-bye.

The Man I Am Inside by TM
Trapped inside Apocalypse's mind, Scott plans his escape... one day at a time.

Now Everything Has Changed by Shai PeriHawk
Remy says goodbye as he reflects on his new-found responsibility and the size of the shoes he must try to fill.

Neogenesis by Phil Hartman
One of the lighter post X-Men #98 fics, this story takes an... interesting (and humorous) look at how Scott might find life again and eventually rejoin the X-Men. A follow up to 'Cinders.'

One Minute by Dyce
Scott always wanted some time to himself... but realized some things are much more important and worth the sacrifice.

Osiris at Akkaba by Elizabeth Johnson
Cyclops finds himself sharing a mind with his worst enemy, Apocalypse, and realizes that hope and heart might be his greatest weapon.

Reflection by Rhona
Jean returns to their residence in Alaska and finds more memories than she bargained for.

Reflections of the Heart and Soul [1] [2] by Dorell
Phoenix reflects on Scott's death, the nature of love and his possible return?

Ruby-Quartz Lenses by Roohaha
After Scott's loss, Ororo tries to come to terms with her new-found responsibilities.

Shekinah by Alicia McKenzie
After Scott's death, Cable must learn to move on and finds an unexpected angel in the desert.

Something to Remember Me By by Meridian
A forgotten member of the team shows at the mansion to pay her respects after Scott's passing... in her own way.

Still Here by Maria Cline [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
This story looks at what Scott's fate might be like if his psyche was displaced from his body after Apocalypse's "possession."

Thirteen by Indigo
After the planet's mutants are "devolved" Apocalypse must deal with his humanity and a nagging voice deep within his mind.

Via Sanguinis by Phil Hartman
[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]
After Sinister meddles in the events at Akkaba, each of the Marauders is left to complete their part of his grand design.



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