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Welcome to my archive. The vast majority of the stories here deal with Cable and the X-Men, of Marvel Comics, but I've wandered into a few other fandoms - mostly comics-based - as the mood took me.

I've been running fan fiction archives for a number of years now, but this is the first time I've had one solely devoted to my own stories. This archive came about mostly because of my wonderful archiving partner, JenMorrioghan, who insisted, and had a few entirely too sweet things to say in the welcome message she wrote for this archive.

Major series have their own pages, but most stories are indexed by theme, as explained on the separate index pages. My entirely self-indulgent annotations (and more messages from Jen) are scattered throughout, wherever they seemed appropriate. If you read anything you like, please brighten my day and let me know, either at this address or in my Dreambook at the bottom of the page.

May you have as much enjoyment in reading as I've had in writing. Thanks for visiting! --Alicia

DISCLAIMER: Cable and other X-Men and related characters are copyright to Marvel Comics , Apollo, the Midnighter, and other Authority/Stormwatch characters are copyright to Wildstorm, Batman belongs to DC Comics , and Lara Croft is copyright to Core Design. Ltd. All of these characters are being used without permission, for entertainment purposes only. Absolutely no money is being made from any of these works of fiction. Images incorporated on these pages belong to Marvel Comics , and are also used without permission for entertainment purposes only. Original characters are copyright to their respective authors; please do not use without permission. Also, please do not reproduce any of these stories elsewhere without the author's permission. Any feedback, comments, notes about broken links, etc, can be sent to me.

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