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All our good intentions, turned to dust... where did it all go wrong?

When did our attempt to save the hell that was our future result in the destruction of all futures, good and bad? Perhaps we were lost as soon as we sent Dayspring back; perhaps this is the price of interference, of daring to intervene in the patterns that history has already taken. I do not know, and none of us can say for certain.

We know nothing for certain any longer.

All we know is that reality itself has been ripped asunder, shredded at the seams by a catastrophic event of incredible power. We felt it at first as gentle ripples across the timestream, but as the years passed, they built and built, the fabric of the multiverse straining under the pressure. Then the anomalies began. Each timeline sliding into the next, the barriers between them disintegrating, space and time collapsing in upon each other, revealing the true, terrible fragility of our reality. It was madness, a madness that none of us could truly fathom, even as it reached us, two thousand years ahead. It spread, until there was nothing but the shifting zones. Future and past, time and space, hope and despair inextricably, fatally tangled.

Now there is nothing but uncertainty. We live, one and all, within the Shadowlands.



The Concept

The background of this particular alternate universe; how it came about, what influenced me during its creation, and some of the 'rules' I've laid out for the series. This is also where you find the current FAQ and submission guidelines if you're interested in writing a Shadowlands story yourself. If the latter is the case, please read the guidelines carefully.

The Tales

The 'tales of the Shadowlands', thus far. There's a wide range of authors and some truly excellent stories here; please read, enjoy, and send lots of feedback.


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