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x-men stories just because
  • x-men fic just because
  • Once upon a time several archivists decided to showcase what they considered to be particular gems that didn't fit in any of their themed archives. Several years later, a small collection of gems has become a treasury of over four hundred X-Men stories.
the itty bitty cyke and logan archive
  • the itty bitty cyke and logan archive
  • Cyclops and Wolverine, the quintessential X-Men - pillars of the team - rivals and friends - icons with very human hearts. Started by Kaylee, this is some of the best scott summers and logan fanfiction around.
the dayspring archive
  • the dayspring archive
  • He's a man on a mission, a traveler from the far-distant future whose whole life is about coming full circle. started by alicia, this is a huge collection of fanfic about Cable and his partner, Domino.
the itty bitty miscellaneous archive
  • the itty bitty miscellaneous archive
  • this archive houses fanfic from comic books other than Marvel's x-titles - a healthy dollop of vertigo, dc, and non-mutant marvel fanfiction, as well as subreality and TCP (the common people project) fic.
alternate timelines - the x-force archive.
  • alternate timelines
  • For the reader with discriminating taste in things that go "BOOM!" started by jen morrioghan, this is a wide collection of fanfiction starring x-force. currently a closed archive.
authors and stories in one messy, unsorted pile.
  • just gimme the goods, already
  • if you're looking for a list of all the authors hosts, or just the gigantic list of all stories, this is the place. every story and author archived here, listed in one messy pile.
shadowlands, the official archive.
  • shadowlands: the official archive
  • fiction set in the universe of the shadowlands, alicia mckenzie's concept of shifting realities. all the stories set in the shadowlands, as well as an explanation of the concept, and guidelines for writing within this shared universe.
felicitas! the femslash archive
  • felicitas!
  • the comic femslash archive, connected to the mailing list "revolution-f" on yahoogroups. currently not being updated. (interested in taking this project over? we're looking for someone.)
argent miscellany
  • argent miscellany
  • the collected works of Alicia McKenzie, including the Outsider's Arc, the Pantheon series (which also includes the works of other authors, like Cascade, Domenika, and DuAnn), Nocturnes, and many, many more.
mental jewelry
  • mental jewelry
  • the collected works of DuAnn Cowart, including her epic tale, 'just lucky I guess', as well as a collection of other fiction, both humorous and serious, with a wide variety of characters
words to gold
  • words to gold
  • the collected works of Dandelion, including 'a companion picture' and 'drawn to the lodestone rock', as well as her alchemy arc, and much more.
right bastard
  • right bastard
  • the collected works of Dex, including his orphans series, the white queen series, and 'sum of zero', as well as a host of stories from non-marvel comic books.
  • in my honest opinion
  • fanfiction reviews by dex. dex has gone through years of comic fic and highlighted some of the things he considers important or intriguing works. a lengthy recs list.
pantheon, the second generation
  • Pantheon - The Second Generation
  • "In 2005, the world changed forever..." Alicia McKenzie's shared universe about the world after Apocalypse's defeat and the second generation of the X - the XSE.
holiday fanfiction projects
praise and art