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In 2005, the world changed forever.

There were certain specific ingredients in this change. Firstly, there was En Sabah Nur, 'Apocalypse', a five thousand year-old Egyptian with a personal philosophy that one might call Social Darwinism. Secondly, there was Nathan Dayspring Summers, the time-traveler known as Cable, who had made it his life's mission to change two thousand years of history by killing Nur. Thirdly, there were the other eleven members of the Twelve, a group of powerful mutants with a specific set of abilities that could be combined into a psychic merge of extraordinary power.

All 'prophecies' aside, no one could have anticipated what happened when the final battle was joined in the desert that day, and Nathan Summers called upon the rest of the Twelve to join him in the Merge. At the critical moment, the Merge expanded to include every mind on the face of the planet, mutant and baseline human alike. En Sabah Nur was blasted from existence, erased from our timeline, which was then set upon a new and uncharted path.

And every child in utero at that moment was altered, creating an entire generation of telepaths and empaths. This generation, as it matured, would form the core of the XSE, the international peacekeeping force founded at the Cairo Conference of 2007.

The conference also laid out a new pattern of international relations, based around a rejuvenated United Nations. Two years before, such a development would have been unthinkable. But the effects of the Merge ran deep, deeper than anyone - except perhaps Nathan Summers, who was himself changed by the Merge's power - might have expected.

There were still challenges. Countless dangers to face in the years ahead.

But the world had changed, and the future was ours to create.

--from the introduction to After Akkaba: The Foundations of the Post-Merge World by Dr. Kyla Janssen

ARCHIVIST'S NOTE: The stories have a mixture of ratings, reflecting the fact that they range from very light to very dark in tone. Please pay attention to any warnings on individual stories concerning content. No 'unsolicited' submissions are accepted; the stories by other authors that appear on this archive were written with my consultation.The stories are listed in chronological order.

Updated: 11/02/03 with What You Can Get (a birthday fic for me, and a delightful one) by Cascade and parts 1-31 (complete) of Domenika Marzione's incredible White Rabbit. It's not every day I get to welcome a new author to the Pantheon-'verse', let alone one who comes bearing a glorious epic. :)

White Rabbit by Domenika Marzione
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Alex Summers has always known that you don't leave the X-Men behind for good. As he embarks on a new life in the 'ordinary' world, Alex tries to strike a balance between being a civilian geologist and being Havok. But his two worlds are about to collide in an event that changes them both forever and Alex finds himself drawn back into 'the good fight' in a way he never expected. Archivist's note: 'White Rabbit' picks up in 2000 (technically during the Outsider's Arc) and runs through 2012. 'Pandora's Box', the fic meant to run concurrently with the end of 'White Rabbit', will be posted within a few weeks.

Life Abides by Alicia McKenzie
Cable recuperates from the injuries he suffered at Akkaba, as he and Domino wait for their daughter to be born.

New Order: Quality Time by DuAnn Cowart
Domino tells Cable about her afternoon alone with month-old Clare.

Armistice by Alicia McKenzie
Apocalypse is dead, and as Domino watches Nathan taking a late-night walk, she wonders where their lives will lead them next.

Waiting For Spring by Cascade
Sam and a pregnant Dana share a winter's afternoon, while Sam thinks about their past and their future together.

Namesake by Alicia McKenzie
Sam and Dana's son is born, and little Nathan Thomas has a late-night 'talk' with his godfather.

New Order: First Impressions by Alicia McKenzie
A very young Clare Summers is introduced to her even younger 'cousin', Harry Wisdom. Will it be bonding over building blocks, or open warfare?

As Time Goes By by Alicia McKenzie
Several years after Apocalypse's death, Cable and Domino celebrate a very special anniversary.

Kicking And Screaming All The Way Out To Pasture by Alicia McKenzie
Stuck with most of the administrative work involved in running the XSE, Nathan Summers begins to realize just how little he likes the role of 'semi-retired desk-jockey'.

Peacekeepers: Denver by Alicia McKenzie
1 2 3 4
A seemingly ordinary day is shattered when a terrorist group calling itself the Unity commits an atrocity of unimaginable scope.

Peacekeepers: Remnant Shadows by Alicia McKenzie
1 2 3 4 5
When Forge gets in touch with the XSE with the promise of valuable technology, Bishop dispatches Logan to Madripoor to meet him and take custody of the blueprints, sending along Nicholas as a telepathic bodyguard.

Underworld by Alicia McKenzie
1 in progress...
Months after Denver, Clare and Zara visit a notorious night club for psis, and certain truths finally come out into the open.

Black Knights by Alicia McKenzie
1 in progress...
A year after the Unity's attack on Denver, a group of young XSE officers, led by Clare Summers, begin their own private war against the terrorists.

Black Sheep by Cascade
Alison Guthrie, the younger of Sam and Dana's children, contemplates her life on the eve of going to college.

Stanford: Fresh Start by Cascade
1 in progress...
Sequel to Black Sheep. Alison begins her life at Stanford. She meets new friends, but finds that her 'family history' follows her wherever she goes.

Water Music by Alicia McKenzie
After her father's death, Clare reflects by the water.

What You Can Get by Cascade
Nate and Clare get a little downtime after a mission, and Nate finds his mind dwelling on what he can't have.

Causality by Alicia McKenzie
1 2 3 4 5 6
Under attack from the XSE for violations of the Cairo Accords, Stefano DaCosta travels back in time to try and change history, and a reluctant Nathan Guthrie is sent back to stop his old friend.

As You Were by Alicia McKenzie
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Epilogue
The sequel to Causality. Stefano DaCosta's attempt to change the timeline may have been stopped, but his actions have incalculable ripple effects in the here and now. Nate Guthrie, Clare Summers, and the rest of the XSE struggle to adapt as they find themselves facing a rapidly changing world.

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