"I didn't mean to denigrate your writing skills." "That's all right, because I don't have any."

about the site

the main content of comicfic.net comes from the previous Itty Bitty Archives and Alternate Timelines. The comic femslash archive was also incorporated.

The Itty Bitty Archives were started by Kaylee, in order to archive mainly Cyclops and Wolverine fic - with some other x-men and misc fic thrown in. queenB eventually took them over, expanding them greatly. Alternate Timelines started out being run by Jen, and then merged with Alicia's archive to create one huge archive. Alicia then merged them with the Itty Bitty archives to form this domain.


about updating the site

no, I don't think it's going to happen anymore. I had grand plans at one point to incorporate Kaylee's old 'mooksville' archive, as well as some of Lori's Archive from way back in the day, but I just don't have the heart anymore; the fandom is kind of dead. and no, I'm not interested in giving the archive up, so don't ask. if you want to help you can email me.


detailed disclaimer:

none of the writers archived herein are affiliated in any way, shape or form with marvel, dc, vertigo, image or any other comic book company. no copyright infringement is intended by the fan works archived here, and no profit is being made.

scans found on comicfic.net are taken from various comic books, including x-men, uncanny x-men, x-force, enigma, transmetropolitan, hellblazer, spiderman, batman and others. none of this artwork is the intellectual or legal property of the webmaster or the writers found on this site.