Submissions - what do do if you're looking to get: fanart archived, fanfic archived, or submit something in html.


Yes, we'd love to see fan-art. Any fan-art submissions can be sent to Please include the name you wish to display your art under. :)



-- We reserve the right to refuse anything. Just in case.

-- If you are a previously archived author, by all means, hit us up. you can email , with "submission" in the subject somewhere.

-- If you're a new author, also hit us up. Again,, with submission in the subject line.


So here are the things that'll make your submission go over well:

1. No .docs, since they're crazy-hard to convert to HTML.

2. .txt files are all right, as are stories pasted directly into email.

3. PLEASE put two spaces between paragraphs, ie:

"Good god, Batman," Nightwing said, "there are stories about us on the internet!"

"Well," Batman said, "that was bound to happen."

rather than

"But *why*?" Nightwing replied.
Batman shrugged mysteriously, and surreptitiously closed his internet browser.

especially if you're sending a fic in the body of an email. Because that makes it a hundred times easier to archive something. Really. It might not seem like much but it means the difference of five to ten minutes as opposed to an hour or longer, and without double spacing, it's quite likely we won't archive you.

4. Write your own summary. We won't archive anything that doesn't have a summary attached. It can be as short as "Batman and Nightwing find fanfiction. Wackiness ensues." And we might add something to it, (like much praise) but without at least *something*, your fic won't get archived.

5. Stories with more than one part, if you want them split up into more than one part, please send them as either separate .txt files, or separate emails. Put in the subject line something like, "submission: Batman goes digital, 1/2", just so we know.

6. Format of the story is really nice if it goes something like: disclaimer, author, email address, and story. Without the name you want to be archived under, along with the email address, we can't do anything with your submission (ie: "By Batman,".)


So you wanna make our job easier and submit something in html? whoo hoo! (all the previous rules apply.)

7. If you're going to put in <em>'s and <b>'s for your story, please add in <p> and </p> tags as well. Without them, it actually becomes harder to archive. If you don't want to bother doing that but want to specify italics and bolds, use [em]italic[/em] and [strong]bold[/strong].

if that made no sense whatsoever, stick with *emphasising* and _underlining_, and we won't touch the story itself.

8. if you want to use the template that we have set up directly, there's a .txt file you can use to format your html - right click and save. Or by all means, if you want to, steal the code from one of the fics already archived, and submit it in .htm format like that.