A message from Jen Morrioghan concerning Property Damage:

An explanation for the curious, which I'm guessing means you.

When I concieved the idea for the original Alternate Timelines, it was the lack (at that time) of a comprehensive X-Force archive that inspired me. X-Men? You could find them anywhere. Cable had a fine home with Alicia at the original Dayspring Archive. Domino was doing quite well with Brooke's Falling Into Place. GenX dominated the GenX-Force Archive, and Excalibur was (and still is) celebrated at Fonts of Wisdom. But X-Force (as was oddly appropriate for the group) was homeless.

Of course, Alternate Timelines wasn't just about X-Force. For how can you have X-Force without Cable and Domino? So gradually, as the archive grew ungainly, I divided the stories and created a Cable archive. Later I became ambitious and opened the "Other" archive. But through it all, X-Force was my first love.

Time passed. Real life encroached. I found myself updating less and less. Eventually I drugged Alicia and convinced her that we should merge our sites. Luckily for me, she was willing even after the stupor wore off. With much hard work (most of it Alicia's) my old neglected Alternate Timelines and her always sparkly Dayspring Archive were joined (and expanded) into the behemoth you see before you.

More time passed. Real life encroached even further. I've come to realize I haven't coded a bit of html in two years. It's time to admit that my archiving days are done. Just as the X-Force I knew and loved has passed into the annals of history, so too, has the archive I created to house the stories that team inspired. But fear not, just as I can still re-read my much worn copies of X-Force, can you re-read the fine stories housed here.

Alicia will continue to update the remainder of the monster that is Alternate Timelines. Who knows? Perhaps every once in a while a new story or two might appear here as well. However, submissions will no longer be accepted at Property Damage. With her increasingly busy schedule, it is unfair of me to continue to ask Alicia to maintain this particular archive. Frankly, with her schedule, I'm surprised she's still has time to breathe. If you have written that special story you wish to share with the world, I suggest you join OTL. I'm pretty sure it's still the biggest fanfic mailing list in town.

Property Damage is closed until further notice. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen. I'll win the lottery. They'll relaunch the title with the correct team. Then I'll hire someone to do the updating for me. Until then... I wouldn't hold my breath.

All hate mail should be directed at me, however since retirement has its privilages, I shan't be providing an email address. However you may feel free to take my name in vain, and curse my antecedents to your heart's desire.

Farewell fellow X-Force fans. It was fun while it lasted. -Morrioghan


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