Strange Luck: Domino fic

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A Little Dream (Diamonde)
(PG) Domino reflects on where her life has taken her, and where to go from here...

A Mother's Pain (Indy)
(PG) Domino is reunited with her daughter, five years after she had mysteriously disappeared.

And Oranges (A.j.)
(PG) Domino does a little...babysitting. Archivist's note: Part of Timesprite's 'Time, Tide and Trauma' series, found on the Partners archive.

Annwn (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Decades after Cable's death fighting Apocalypse, Domino comes to his grave one last time, and discovers that some things are stronger than death...


Buying The Farm (Mercutio)
(PG) Sequel to Jaya Mitai's Paving The Road.You can't keep a good woman down, especially one with supernatural luck.


Decisions (Morrioghan)
[1] [2] [3] [4] (in progress...)
(PG) Set between X-Force #71 and X-Force #82, this is my attempt to explain Domino's actions in Cable #55 and the decisions that led her back to X-Force.

Divinity Repealed (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino confronts someone over the path her life has taken.

Drowned Out (Persephone)
(PG) Domino has a strange - and rather enjoyable - encounter with someone unexpected.

Dust (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Lost in the Shadowlands as the world dies around her, Domino resolves to stay alive, to remember everything and everyone she's lost.


Either Or Neither (Em-Spider)
(PG) Stuck in a bad situation, Domino confronts the paradox of her feelings about Cable.


Fallen Angels (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) In a world where Cable never existed, the legendary mercenary known as Domino lives a subtly different life.

Falling Down (Timesprite)
(G) Domino tries to make sense of her life.

Fragile Wings (kaleko & Timesprite)
[1] [2] [3]
(PG-13) Domino moves on and joins a new mercenary group, but disaster strikes, and she finds herself becoming increasingly involved with the only other survivor of the group, a woman who goes by the name of Lemonade...


Glass Cage (Timesprite)

(PG-13) The unwilling prize in a madman's collection, Domino must deal with being imprisoned again.

(PG-13) An attempted escape shows Domino the severity of her situation.
Gothic Delusions
(PG-13) Time and captivity weigh heavily on Domino.
Mind Games
(PG-13) In the aftermath of her escape, Domino faces new challenges and old fears.

Gone (Shai PeriHawk)
(PG-13) A look into Domino's mind after Cable's death.


Habits (Cosmic)
(PG-13) Domino comes to the Academy to do a favor for Sean, and winds up reliving memories of her past with Emma.

Halftime (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Sometimes the conversation can be a lot more interesting than the football game...

He (Adriana)
(PG) The companion piece to Full Circle. Domino tries to figure out who this man is, watching over her, and why he seems to be so glad to see her awake.

How's It Gonna Be? (kaleko)
(PG-13) Domino writes Cable a series of emails, but it winds up being a one-sided conversation...

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (JB McDonald)
(PG) A young girl lives in a world apart from her family, but not by choice.


I Cracked A Piece Of Broken Glass (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) A very unusual possible origin for the mysterious Domino...

Imposition (Persephone)
(PG) Domino finds herself with some unexpected company...
Shades Of Blue (Persephone)
(PG) Domino and her new guest begin to come to terms...

In The Bushes (Kaylee)
(PG-13) Sequel to By The Lake. Domino witnesses Cable and Bishop's encounter.

It's A Beautiful Life (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Domino's thoughts, while in action.


Kutsurogu (Adriana)
(PG-13) A mission back to Madripoor brings up a lot of old ghosts for Domino.


Mental Kicks In The Coccyx (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Someone's hitched a ride in Domino's head...

Moment (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) Domino's plans for a quiet night in the Danger Room are interrupted by the appearance of Iceman.

Mommy Loves You (Threnody)
(PG-13) Domino mourns for more than we know.

Mutie Godmother (Indigo)
(PG) Domino pays a visit to the Mansion and to one resident in particular - Marrow.


Night Owls, Paternal Instincts, And Questions Better Left Unasked (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Scott decides that it's time to have 'The Talk' with Domino.

Nights In Purple Satin (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Domino's out for a night on the town with a certain 'colleague'...

Not That You'd Have Noticed (Pebblin)
(PG-13) Domino begins a relationship with one of the last people you'd ever expect.

Nowhere Bar (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Left alone on a Friday night, Kai finds herself accompanying Domino out on the town. (Archivist's note: Tied to Kaylee's Kai & Logan series.)


Odessa (A.j.)
(PG) On a train to 'nowhere', Domino thinks about her life...or what's left of it.

One Cup (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Domino remembers Theo.

One Hundred Tears Away (Magikkatya)
(PG) A look into the past of X-Force's enigmatic Domino.

The Outsider's Arc (Alicia McKenzie)

Interlude: Oubliette
(PG-13) Domino is struck down by a psi-attack in battle, and Cable must chase her through her own, long-forgotten memories to save her.


Paint It Black (A.j.)
(R/NC-17) Sometimes the only resolution isn't a happy one...

Porcelain Masks (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino stops by for a visit, and unloads a little baggage.
Ashes And Pipe Dreams (Timesprite)
(PG) A companion piece to Porcelain Masks. Domino makes another, slightly different visit.


Rainstorms Remember (Timesprite)
(PG-13) Domino keeps a journal.

Replacement Killers (DuAnn Cowart)
(R) Separated from Cable and X-Force, Domino tries to fill up the emptiness by returning to the sort of life she left behind years ago, but she's not fooling anyone, least of all herself.


Scheherazade (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
(R) Shadowlands. Nathan is injured in a bar fight at the World's End, and for the rest of that night, Domino finds herself overcome by memories of her past, especially how she and Nathan met and came to the Oasis.

The Space Between (Alison Boehm)
(PG-13) Domino finally confesses her doubt and guilt and emotional exhaustion, but is there anyone listening?

Stand The Hazard Of The Die (Dandelion)
(PG-13) Domino is recruited by Remy to join the X-Men, and finds the idea of working with Cable again more than agreeable. (This is part of Dandelion's Alchemy series.)

Starting Points (A.j.)
(PG-13) After Cable's death, a grieving Domino is the recipient of a 'pep talk' from a very unexpected source. (Companion piece to So Long, Farewell.)

Stuff And Nonsense (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino's thoughts in the night.

Summer Silence (kaleko)
(PG-13) Domino deals with the aftermath of a summer day shattered by violence.


Through A Glass Lightly (A.j.)
(PG-13) Domino's gone too far...

The Ties That Bind (Domenika Marzione)
(PG-13) What did Domino experience while she was Tyler's prisoner? And why did Cable, a telepath, never figure out that his 'Domino' was really Copycat?

Time Out (Cosmic)
(PG) Sequel to Timesprite's Blue Pancakes And Homemade Coffee . On the run, Domino pauses to grab something to eat, and is struck by a parallel to a meal months earlier, with Cable.


With a Whimper [LOGAN; DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Logan, Storm, Emma, Domino] (Cherry Ice)
The end of the world, and a diner. That about wraps it all up.


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