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3 AM (Cosmic)
(G) Domino gets a phone call at a truly ungodly hour...

15 Seconds Of Fame (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) A look at some very familiar characters through a very unusual 'perspective'...


A Little Change (Lise)
(PG-13) Cable goes through a rather unexpected - and dramatic - change.

A Long Week Without Me (Sunset)
(G) Domino leaves the mansion for a week, and everything goes to pieces without her to keep everyone on the 'straight and narrow'.

A Purrfect Punishment (Persephone)
(G) It's Stryfe's turn for a transforming experience... Sequel to Andrea's From Baaad To Worse.

A Time To Talk (Pebblin)
(PG-13) Back during their years with the Wild Pack, Cable and Domino struggle with boundaries - and definitions - for their growing relationship.

All She Is (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Cable's thoughts on his partner, not long after they parted in X-Force #60.

Alter-Nocturne: Daybreak (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) What would have happened if Cable's temporal abilities had kicked in that day on Genosha and let him see what was about to happen to Domino? How would the course of events been changed? Part of the Nocturnes series.

Always (KrazyKora)
(PG-13) Cable says goodbye to Domino when the Legacy virus claims her life.

Ambivalence (Riolee)
(PG) Tragedy strikes, and Domino grieves.

Another Peaceful War (Matt Nute)
[1] [2]
(PG-13) A slightly unusual take on the Wild Pack days, with a couple of new faces thrown into the mix...

Armageddon't (Phil Hartman)
(G) A delightful rewrite of the Twelve Saga.


Babysitting, And Life's Other Little Insanities (Alison Boehm)
(PG) Cable and Domino take on a daring, risky mission... babysitting baby Rachel.

Battle Lines: Early Afternoon (A.j. & B.J. Carlson)
(PG-13) Torn over what to do about her pregnancy, Domino leaves, and when Cable follows her, he winds up having a man-to-man talk with Bridge.

Before The Sun Rose (Cosmic)
(PG) Facing a difficult turning point in her life, Domino asks Cable to do one very simple thing. His answers isn't a surprise, but it will wind up being more significant than he could imagine.
Don't Look Back (Cosmic)
(PG) Sequel to Before The Sun Rose . Domino decides she's had enough, that she can't live with the chances Cable takes and all the secrets he keeps any longer, while Nathan discovers that he loves her enough to let her walk away.
Home For Christmas (Cosmic)
(PG) Sequel to Don't Look Back . Later that same year, Domino keeps a promise in her own inimitable way.

Between Battles And Blankets (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Nathan and Domino sleep in on the morning after a particularly rough mission.

Blue Lines (BJ Carlson)

Battle Lines: Early Afternoon (with A.j.)
(PG-13) Torn over what to do about her pregnancy, Domino leaves, and when Cable follows her, he winds up having a man-to-man talk with Bridge.
Blue Lines Alternate: Prism
(PG-13) A slightly different take on Cable's reaction to Domino's little 'surprise'.

Blue Pancakes And Homemade Coffee (Timesprite)
(PG) Cable wakes up to find Domino in his bed, and decides to make her breakfast.

Born To Darkness (Adriana & Jeff O.)
[Prologue] [1] (in progress...)
(PG) A look into Domino's background; and it hits a little closer to home than Cable and the rest of the Summers family might think.

Briny Deep (DuAnn Cowart)
(G) Cable, Domino, Madelyne and Deadpool, stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean...


Cablicious (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Innuendo is a girl's best friend...

Chalice (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) An Elseworlds tale. A lady and a knight rescue each other in a most unusual way...

Christmas In The Taiga (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Just when Domino thinks her luck's run out, she's miraculously rescued from a very dangerous situation. But dealing with her rescuer may be the real challenge...

Clarity (Alicia McKenzie)

(PG) Cable defeats Apocalypse, but is injured badly in the process and left blind.
Tangible Light
(PG-13) Nathan realizes that there are some things that don't take eyes to see.
(PG) Unseen, Maddie contemplates her son and the price he's paid.

Close Encounters (A.j.)
(PG-13) Domino reflects on where it all went wrong.


Dearly Beloved (Diamonde)
(PG-13) Cable and Domino lose someone very close to them. Will they be able to hold on to each other?

Desierto (Adriana)
(PG) An Elseworlds story about the leaders of two desert tribes, and how they come together.

Dreams Of The Shattered World (Alex SisterWolf)
[1] [2] [3] (in progress...)
(R) In an alternate universe, Cable is a genetically engineered cyborg soldier and Domino is a scientist working in the project that created him.

Drowning Sorrows (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) After the revelation that he's the real Nathan Christopher, Cable's having trouble coping, and Domino tries to help.

Dunsinane (Timesprite)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
(R) Cable has disappeared, and Sam and Domino try to track him down. But things are a lot worse than they know, and continue to go wrong...


The Elf That Lived Next Door (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Nate and Dom in a 'seasonal' moment...

Epinikion (Cascade & Alicia McKenzie)
[Prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [Interlude] [10] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Rachel Summers and Tanya Trask, the young women who will eventually become the Mother Askani and Madame Sanctity, are brought to a pause in their journey through the timestream for a lesson in the dangers of altering history. Meanwhile, Dana Hawkes and Sam Guthrie celebrate their wedding, never knowing how little it would take to turn their hopeful future into a nightmare...


Fading Lights (Brooke Hembree)
(PG-13) Domino dies on a Wild Pack mission, and Cable finally admits his feelings for her.
Darkest Dawn (Brooke Hembree)
(PG-13) Sequel to Fading Lights. Cable grieves for his lost love.

Fidarsi (Adriana)
(PG-13) Domino and Cable's first encounter after the Six-Pack's last, disastrous mission in the Yucatan.

Floats (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Eavesdropping, however unintentional, can sometimes be very illuminating, as Jean finds out late one night.

From Baaad To Worse (Andrea)
(G) Cable has a transforming experience. Literally.


Griplines (BJ Carlson)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (in progress...)
(R) Some people aren't what you expect--and you thought the Summers family was strange!


Hellfire And Damnation (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] (in progress...)
(R) Domino is drawn into the affairs of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, and Cable attempts to save her, only to discover that the situation is a great deal more complicated than either of them thought.

Hey Mom, Hey Dad (Kristling Dreamflyer)
(PG) Cable and Domino's son visits their grave.

Hold On (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino watches Cable as he sleeps, and admits some hard truths to herself.
When The Dance Is Over (Timesprite)
(PG-13) The sequel to Hold On. After Cable's death, Domino thinks about their life together...

The Hunters (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] (in progress...)
(R) After X-Force's last, disastrous mission, Cable finds Domino to enlist her help in his search for Sam.


I Just Called... (Cosmic)
(G) Cable's screwed up again (surprise, surprise ;) and does his clumsy-yet-endearing best to make amends to Domino.

I Left My Heart On Seikosha IX (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) When X-Force has moved into the mansion and Cable is wearing himself out trying to do everything himself, Domino decides to take steps.


'Joshua' Timeline (A.j.)

Stress Fracture
(PG-13) Domino has to make a choice when she finds Nathan in a lethal Danger Room program.
(PG) Two weeks after the incident in the Danger Room, Domino forces Cable to look at what he's doing and make the choice for himself.
(PG) A very nice young man by the name of Joshua comes to pick up his date. The fact that she's Cable and Domino's daughter ensures the night will be an interesting one.
That Which Is
(PG-13) That same night, Nathan reflects on the chain of events that brought him a family and a home...

The Joys Of A Random Booby-Trap (A.j.)
(PG) Cable and Domino fall victim to one of Bobby Drake's practical jokes.

Just Believe (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) What if the Twelve Saga had ended happily? What would Cable and Domino have done on New Year's Eve, 2000?

Just Lucky, I Guess (DuAnn Cowart)
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(PG-13) Cable and Domino face the return of a threat from their past. The question is, will they do it together?


The Lady Is A Tramp (Trisha L. Sebastian)
(PG) Cable watches Domino work on a mission, and reflects on their partnership.

The Lake (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Nathan and Domino take some time away.

Life Begins At Imagination (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) A drunken Dayspring makes a little friend...

Losing Myself In You (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) On the way back from the Negev, Cable and Domino deal with the feelings stirred up by the end-of-the-world-that-wasn't.

Lost In A Gunshot (Timesprite)
(R) Despite their problems, Cable and Domino still find themselves drawn to each other--but whether it's healthy or not is another matter entirely.
Shallow Words (Timesprite)
(PG-13) Indirect sequel to Lost In A Gunshot. Domino and Cable continue to struggle to deal with the mess their relationship has become.

Lucky Comrade-In-Arms (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(G) A wry little filk narrated by Cable.


Midnight Justice (JenesisX)
[1] (in progress...)
(PG-13) A serial killer brings back dark memories for Cable.

Mochachino Variations (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Coffee... the universal bringer-together. ;)

Moments Like These (Sparks)
(PG) Domino's thoughts on Cable one morning.

Moments Of Cuteness (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Cable and Domino face the ultimate challenge... parenthood.

Moving Mountains (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) After Apocalypse's death, Nathan convinces Domino to come rock-climbing with him, and despite awkwardness and near-disaster, they begin to deal with some of the issues between them.


Necessary Evils (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) Domino has moved on with her life and joined a new mercenary group, but when one of their jobs conflicts disastrously with Cable's latest personal crusade, how far will Domino go to secure the information she and her new friends need to save themselves--the information that only Cable has, and isn't willing to share?

New Order: Quality Time (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) Domino tells Cable about her afternoon alone with month-old Clare. Part of the Pantheon timeline.

Number One, With A Bullet (Phil Hartman)
(PG) In the 'cathedral' in X-Force #100, Domino is given a chance to step through realities to Akkaba, where she finds that one bullet can make quite a difference.


Oasis (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) Shadowlands. In the shifting zones, an older version of Franklin Richards manages to establish a sanctuary where reality is stable. There, he and his companions attempt to reassemble the Twelve and reverse the accident that caused the rupture in the multiverse.

#offtherecord (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Cable, G.W. Bridge and a surprise 'guest' share an online chatroom.

On The Stairs (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Sequel to In The Bushes by Kaylee. Domino confronts Cable about his encounter with Bishop.

Once Haunted, Twice Freed (Pebblin)
(PG) Sometime in a happier future, Nathan and Domino spend a day at the beach with a very special person.

One Call Does It All (Pebblin)
(PG-13) Nate and Dom have an argument--but it's not what it looks like.

One Word (Cosmic)
(G) Domino has a somewhat one-sided conversation with a flu-ridden Cable...

Open Your Mind (Alicia McKenzie)
(G) Cable and Domino explore their psi-link.

The Outsider's Arc (Alicia McKenzie)

Interlude: Northern Lights
(PG) Recuperating in Alaska following the events of Dreamweaver, Cable turns out to be a very cranky convalescent, and Domino's about to strangle him until he chooses an unusual way to make it up to her.
True Believers
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Still suffering the aftereffects of his injuries, Cable is drawn back into his endless war with Apocalypse when a mysterious force somehow connected to his ancient enemy begins disrupting the timestream itself. But as he marshals both his strength and his allies to stop it, the buried secrets of the Askani Sisterhood being to emerge--secrets that could threaten Cable's mission, the people he loves, and his very sanity.
Epinikion (with Cascade)
[Prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [Interlude] [10] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Rachel Summers and Tanya Trask, the young women who will eventually become the Mother Askani and Madame Sanctity, are brought to a pause in their journey through the timestream for a lesson in the dangers of altering history. Meanwhile, Dana Hawkes and Sam Guthrie celebrate their wedding, never knowing how little it would take to turn their hopeful future into a nightmare...


Paint The Town (Suzy DeZorga)
(R) Cable and Domino and Marya and Logan go on a double date, and New York may never be the same.

Pantheon (Alicia McKenzie)

Life Abides
(PG) Cable recuperates from his injuries as he and Domino wait for their daughter to be born. Part of the Pantheon timeline.
(PG) Apocalypse is dead, and as Domino watches Nathan taking a late-night walk, she wonders where their lives will lead them next. Part of the Pantheon timeline.
As Time Goes By
(PG-13) Several years after Apocalypse's death, Cable and Domino celebrate a very special anniversary. Part of the Pantheon timeline.

Paper Trails (BJ Carlson)

Paper Trails
(PG-13) In the aftermath of OZT and her encounter with Gryaznova, Domino writes a letter.
Paper Trails: Last To Know

(PG-13) Cable finds out about what happened to Domino while she was Gryaznova's prisoner.

Paving The Road (Jaya Mitai)
(PG-13) Cable's good intentions go awry, with a terrible cost both to himself and the woman he loves.

Pie Plates (BJ Carlson)
(PG) On a seemingly ordinary night, Stacey finds herself on the verge of a very important revelation about her new friend, Nathan Summers.

Premonitions (Mz. Kitten)
[Prologue] (in progress...)
(PG) Cable asks a very important question.

Promises (Brooke Hembree)
(PG) Domino makes a promise, but years later, begins to wonder if it's not one she really should break.

Providence (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino finds herself trying to pick up the pieces when Cable's mission asks too much of him, yet again.

The Psi-War Trilogy (Alicia McKenzie)

(PG) Thousands of miles apart, their link broken by the Psi-War, Cable and Domino reflect on their relationship during a sleepless night.
If The Fates Allow
(PG) At Christmas, still suffering the effects of the loss of his telepathy and exhausted from the ordeals of the past months, Cable finds his burdens lightened by an unexpected reunion.


Renowned Be Thy Grave (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In a dark future controlled by the Sentinels, an X-Man remembers Cable and Domino and the sacrifice they made.

Running Blind (Brooke Hembree)
[Introduction] [1] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Domino is injured while away from Cable and X-Force.


Sailing The Sky (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Domino and Cable share a quiet afternoon of introspection and cloud-watching.

Shelter From The Storm (Cosmic)
(PG) Domino and Cable spend one last night together before they say goodbye.

Should Have Been Me (Timesprite)
(PG-13) For Cable and Domino, some nightmares are inevitable.

Sinatra Cycle (Alicia McKenzie)

(PG) When Cable comes to say goodbye to X-Force in CABLE #73, he and Domino share a moment before they go to talk to the team.
All My Tomorrows
(PG) After Cable defeats Apocalypse, he and Domino face an uncertain future--together?
The Grudge Match Of The Century (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) When a stray Sentinel attacks the mansion and Cable uses Logan's motorcycle as 'ammunition', he and Logan clash, with an amused Domino and Kai looking on. (Archivist's note: Tied to Kaylee's Kai & Logan series.)

Sinatra Night At The World's End (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Shadowlands. Nathan brings back some rather remarkable 'salvaged goods' from the shifts, and the people of the Oasis relax, and remember...

Slumber (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Cable's thoughts on Domino as he watches her sleep.

Snowwoman (Kristling Dreamflyer)
(G) Cable does something very special (and unusual) for Domino.

Start Spreading The News (Andrea)
(PG) The X-Men get some surprising news from Cable and Domino. A companion piece to Timesprite's Cold Weather Run.

Staying Alive': A Tale Of Mercenaries In Polyester (DuAnn Cowart)
[Prologue] (in progress...)
(PG-13) An early and very atmospheric adventure of the Wild Pack.

Surfacing (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In the wake of the Psi-War, Domino goes looking for Cable--right in time to wind up in the middle of the Nemesis Contract.


Tales Of The Wild Pack (Alicia McKenzie)

First Dance [1] [2] [3]
(PG-13) The Wild Pack is looking for a new member, and the young woman known as Domino is positive she's the perfect one for the job. Now, if only she can survive the interview...
Friendly Fire [1] [2]
(PG-13) Not long after joining the Pack, Domino makes a disastrous mistake on a mission, and both she and Cable have to deal with the consequences.
Tango In Volgograd
(PG-13) On a mission in Russia, Cable and Domino find their relationship moving onto an entirely new level.
The Second-Best Way To Prevent Hypothermia
(PG-13) The Pack's helicopter goes down in the wilderness, and Cable and Domino choose the most enjoyable way to keep warm.

Talk Me Down (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(G) Cable messes with Domino's mind. Just a little. And not in the way you think.

Tequila, Plots And Videotape (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Some nightmares are persistent. For Cable, one of the very worst is... karaoke.

These Broken Walls (kaleko)
(PG-13) Domino walks through the ruins of a home, and contemplates.

Time, Tide and Trauma (Timesprite)

In The Broken Places
(PG) Domino and Cable bond on an early Wild Pack mission.
With A Bang
(PG-13) A mission goes wrong and Cable tries to cope with the consequences.
(PG) Domino comforts Cable when he has trouble sleeping.
...A Word From Our Sponsors
(PG-13) Domino and Cable adjust, in the aftermath of their kiss in the Negev.
Noah's Dove
(G) Domino tries to convince herself to talk to Cable about the state of their relationship.
The Prosecution Wins
(PG-13) The issue of trust rears its head again in Cable and Domino's relationship, and she decides that she can no longer stand by and watch as he ignores everything, even his own welfare, in the pursuit of his mission.
Motorcycle Drive-By
(PG-13) After leaving Cable, Domino reflects on her choices, and life without him.
Self-Inflicted Wounds
(PG-13) Domino takes refuge with an old friend as she tries to fight off her demons.
Broken Wings
(R) Domino tries to forget her troubles, but a lapse in caution costs her dearly.
Speculative Frost
(PG-13) After his final confrontation with Apocalypse, Nathan tries to put the pieces of his life back together and comes to realize that there's something missing...
After Long Years
(PG) Years after she left Cable, Domino gets a phone call from him and agrees to meet him. Can they start over, or do the same issues that separated them remain?
Love (And Other Indoor Sports)
(PG-13) The weather gives Cable and Domino lots of time to contemplate their pasts, their present, and the task of rebuilding their relationship.
Time Of Troubles
(PG-13) What's another crash landing in the middle of nowhere between friends...?
Another Old Lang Syne [1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) Cable and Domino go back to the mansion for Christmas, but it turns out there's a lot more than the usual holiday stresses to deal with.
Path Of Thorns
(PG-13) Cable and Domino try to get on with their lives, but the past - and something more - is still in their way...
A Whisper Away [1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) Domino's problems begin to overwhelm her, and the truth slowly starts to emerge.
Mercury [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
(R) Still trying to deal with her demons, Domino is thrown into greater turmoil when she gets a critical clue to her past.
Cold Weather Run [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
(R) Their lives have changed so much that Cable and Domino aren't exactly sure where they're going, but events conspire to show them that maybe it's time they tried to figure that out...
Neptune's Pull
(PG) Nate and Dom head off for a bit of a vacation to celebrate a certain special occasion...

To Have And To Have Not (Diamonde)
(PG-13) Sam convinces Domino to go to a costume party, where an unusual reunion results.

Today Is A Good Day To Die (Leary)
(PG-13) After the X-Men are killed by the Marauders, Cable leads the other teams in an attempt to stop Sinister.

Trigger (Cosmic)
(PG-13) Domino is faced with a choice as painful as it is obvious.
Steel Reflections (Cosmic)
(PG-13) Sequel to Trigger. Domino looks for answers to the mystery of the man she had to kill.

Trust Me (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Domino tries to talk Cable out of doing something drastic.


Umbral (A.j.)
(PG) Standing in the Negev, waiting for the crystal wave to hit, Nathan spends his last moments thinking about the woman he loves.


Viriditas (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Shadowlands. Domino tries to argue Nathan out of a despairing mood, while Lorna eavesdrops.

Virology (Phil Hartman)
(PG-13) Domino reluctantly rushes to Nathan's side after something goes wrong when he tries to rid himself of the T-O virus.


Wenceslas (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Clan Chosen. On the festival eve of Winternight, Nathan Dayspring and his son Tyler make an unexpected journey to help someone in need...a journey that foreshadows one that Domino and Sam Guthrie will make years into Nathan's future, and two millenia in the past.


You Can Count On Me (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Shadowlands. When Nathan is overdue in returning from the shifts, Domino keeps his journal updated for him, recording, among other things, the first Christmas at the Oasis.



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