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12 Hours of Xmas [X-MEN, Excaliber] (Dr. Benway)
(R) A very different view of Christmas with Excalibur on Muir Island...

1968 [X-MEN, Jean Grey] (Dr. Benway)
(R) A young Jean Grey comes close to losing herself one day in New York.


A Bitter Cup Of Hope [X-MEN, Kitty Pryde] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Written for the CFAN 1999 Holiday Challenge. A quick look at Kitty Pryde and the rest of Excalibur, at Christmastime.

A Cold Clear Night [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Brian Newberry)
(PG-13) It takes a great deal of courage to share yourself with a friend. It takes a great friend to accept that gift.

A Confession [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Alara Rogers)
(PG-13) In an alternate reality, Charles Xavier has decided on a very different solution to the conflict between mutants and humans.

A Crazy Kinda Way to Spend the Afternoon [X-MEN, Cable, Bobby Drake/Remy Lebeau] (Alicia McKenzie)
Cable is trapped in a Genoshan prison with Kaylee's Mooks. Let the fun begin!

A Dark and Hungry God Arises [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Amanda Sichter)
Watch Charles Xavier tumble over the edge into Onslaught. Rated R for sexual and disturbing material.

A Discussion Overheard During the Credits of a Film By David O Russell [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde] (Dr. Benway)
(PG) Pete and Kitty have a deep philosophical discussion about a movie they've just seen.

A Dream Worth Having [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Andraste)
At the end of his life, Professor Xavier is given an opportunity he cannot refuse.

A Fleeting Kinda Grace [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Kael)
Set before Kaylee's "Any Kinda Breath," this story follows Bobby and Remy on a day off duty, enjoying the "simple" things in life.

A Homely Touch [X-MEN] (Dyce)
[1] [2] [3]
After being teleported into another dimension, Sally Mardsen finds a home with the X-Men. The antithesis of your 'typical' X-Woman and a breath of fresh air... she wins the hearts of the entire team, though some grow more attached than others. :-)

A Kinda Quiet Moment [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Mel)
Set during Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" series, Jean spends a quiet moment alone with Bobby.

A Kinda Shady Clearing [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (River)
(PG) Romance can be tough to find, when one's writer doesn't cooperate. (Part of the Kinda Mooks universe, by Kaylee.)

A Midnight Clear [X-MEN, Generation X] (Cherry Ice)
Gen-X. Christmas. An automated defence system set to shoot down any foreign objects entering the airspace above Snow Valley. What could possibly go wrong?

A Moment of American Beauty [X-MEN, Jubilee] (Tangerine)
Jubilee questions some important things in her life and learns to find beauty in the world. The result makes for a stunning coming-of-age story.

A Moment Of History [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) A young Pete Wisdom is taken to a concert with his family.

An Impossibility [X-MEN, Jean Grey] (Bounce)
Jean Grey should be used to the impossible by now ... but even with her husband returned from his time merged with Apocalypse, with Cassandra Nova defeated, she cannot accept her situation.

A Perfect Kinda World [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Lise)
Set after part two of Kaylee's "Any Kinda Breath," Bobby and Remy share a picnic in the park in a not-so-perfect world.

A Rose By Any Other Name... [X-MEN, Rogue] (Indigo)
Rogue finally reveals her true name to the X-Men and proves the old adage true. "A rose by any other name..." indeed.

A Single Step Together [X-MEN, En Sabah Nur] (Persephone Kore)
In an alternative universe which breaks off during the 'Rise of Apocalypse' LS, En Sabah Nur is not rejected by Nephri, and they flee together into the desert. (As Persephone says, "this isn't co-written, but it uses an original character of Redhawk's and is a prequel to "Leavetakings," which he wrote.")

A Time for Everything [X-MEN] (BelaLeBeau
According to Kielle: "What you are about to read is not one single story but, rather, an arc of four short stories linked in an unusual manner... I won't say more. Time to meet four X-Men as they once were..."

A Touch [X-MEN, Lorna Dane] (Kaylee)
Lorna Dane finds an unexpected surprise when she communes with the Earth's magnetic field.

Across the Shores [X-MEN, Magneto/Professor Xavier] (Lise)
Magneto has a conversation of sorts regarding Genosha and his fate in the world.

The Adventures of God [X-MEN] (Poi Lass & Kaylee)
[2] [3] (still in progress)
God joins the X-Men. Yes. That God. Not for those of inflexible religious mindsets. ;-)

After Midnight [X-MEN, Jean Grey] (Amanda Sichter)
After Scott's death, Jean is not herself. What will it take to get her back to "normal" and will the X-Men ever be normal again?

After Midnight [X-MEN, Jean Grey/Remy LeBeau] (Diamonde)
Following Scott's death, Jean is still healing and shares her grief with someone most unexpected.

The Alchemy Arc [X-MEN, Jean Grey/Remy LeBeau] (Dandelion)
A series of stories concerning a relationship developing between Jean Grey and Remy LeBeau, after the issue of UXM where Scott dies.

I Saw Mommy Kissing... That Flonqing Bastard Remy LeBeau
The story with possibly the best title of the year *giggle*... A prequel to "The Philosopher's Stone," Cable finds out first hand about Remy and Jean's budding relationship.
Ghosts In Westchester
Set chronologically between "I Saw Mommy..." and "The Philosopher's Stone," this story has Jean and Remy returning to Westchester and dealing with both the dead and the living.
How to Make Two Lovers from Friends
Set after "Ghosts In Westchester," Logan finds himself getting involved with the not-so-jilted Rogue.
The Philosopher's Stone

Set after Scott's death, Jean finds love again... in the most unexpected place.
Stand The Hazard of the Die
The team has accepted Gambit and Phoenix's relationship and with Remy at the lead, they are taking a new step as well as adding another member.
Midnight Clear
Part of the 2000 Holiday Project , Jean receives a Christmas Eve suprise and Remy finds a new appreciation for the holidays.

Indigo has also written fic within the Alchemy Arc. :)

All Creatures Great and Small [X-MEN, Hank McCoy] (Amanda Sichter
"The Beast knew they were in trouble when the cow flew into the window."

All In Your Head [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (sevenall)
[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [epilogue]
Follow the twists and turns Betsy Braddock's life takes as she fights health problems with the help -- and hindrance -- of the other X-Men.

All My Hopes [LOGAN; X-MEN] (Kaylee)
A companion piece to "Lupus" on the Logan archive.   A mother's last thoughts towards the child she leaves behind to an uncertain future.

All the King's Horses [X-MEN, Sean Cassidy] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Sean Cassidy comes home to muse over the ends and beginnings.

All The Saints In Heaven [X-MEN, Madelyne Pryor] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Madelyne is given a choice by an unexpected visitor.

Anticipation [X-MEN, Alex Summers] (Latex)
Trapped in his own body after returning to his own universe, Havok clings to hope.

Appassionata [X-MEN] (Amanda Sichter)
[semi-sorta R for adult themes] A beautiful musical rendition of two young lovers finding one another.

The Appeal Process [X-MEN, Doug Ramsey] (Brian Doyle)
(PG) Doug Ramsey makes an appeal to the Higher Powers to be returned to life.

Apply As Required [X-MEN, Bobby/Gambit] (Mercedes)
(R) Gambit and Iceman have sex ... now, that could be the summary of any number of stories, couldn't it? Trust me, though, you've never read anything quite like this before. Funny and original.

Arabian Nights [X-MEN, Psylocke] (sevenall)
Farouk and Betsy Braddock have to win.

Aria: Farewell Illusion, Salutation Clarity [X-MEN, Rogue] (Indigo)
Set within Dandelion's Alchemy Arc, Rogue deals with the revelations about Jean and Remy's relationship.

Arid Night [SHADOWLANDS; X-MEN, Rogue] (Jaya Mitai)
Set in the shift-universe of Alicia McKenzie's creation, this Shadowlands story traces the fate of Scott through the eyes of Uatu, the Watcher.

Asha Joy [X-MEN, Rogue, OC] (Amanda Sichter)

Asha Joy: No Armor Against Fate
Wolverine encounters a young woman with a tragic and inescapable mutant power, and learns that sometimes even the best isn't good enough.
Asha Joy: When Cassandra Weeps
Second in the Asha Joy series. Xavier sends Asha to Genosha to read Magneto's future, with heart-wrenching consequences. Contains some disturbing imagery.
Asha Joy: Summum Bonum
In the third part of the Asha Joy series, Rogue and Asha's relationship goes through some important changes. (Rated R for f/f sexual material.)


Bag Of Promises [X-MEN] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) The X-women get a little... goofy.

Bathroom Symphony [X-MEN, Hank McCoy] (Lori McDonald
Hank's had a long few days, and unwinds in his own way.

Beauty of the Beast [X-MEN, Excaliber] (Sharkbait)
A beast lurks in the heart of a maiden and there is more to one member of Excalibur than a teammate might have assumed.

Behind Closed Doors [X-MEN, Magneto] (Denise Keppel)
A sweet and poigniant look at what the Master of Magnatism does in his free time.

Behind the Mirror Lies... [X-MEN] (Dandelion
Ever wonder what it'd be like to be a passive observer at the X-Mansion?  Especially an observer no one bothered to hide personality quirks from?

The Betrayal Arc [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau] (Valerie Jones)
When the mutant named Bishop first arrived at the Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters, he warned the X-Men that they would one day be betrayed and murdered by one of their own. He was right, but that is only the beginning of the story. (Warning: these files are very large.)

Betrayal (finished)
Paradox Law (finished)
Games of Empires (chapters 1-26; unfinished)

Better Left Unknown [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (Magik)
While Psylocke struggles with the loss of her telepathy, she receives a special visitor.

Beyond the Streetlights [X-MEN, Jean Grey/Bobby Drake] (River)
A look at two of the original X-men in an alternate universe where tragedy struck a little earlier than expected. Jean and Bobby try to find something to say.

Birthday Boy [X-MEN, Generation X] (queenB)
In this story, Artie and Jubilee bond while the rest of GenX prepare for Artie's surprise party. In the end, the surprise might be more than ice cream and cake.

Black Day [X-MEN, Rachel Summers] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Rachel Summers, the Mother Askani, has succeeded in bringing her baby brother forward to the thirty-eighth century to save his life. But as time runs out for the Askani Sisterhood, she must make a desperate decision with long-lasting impact on little Nathan's future--and her own past.

Blind [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (Kaylee
Elisabeth adjusts to life without telepathy...with a little help from a stranger.

Blood Is Thicker Than Bullets [X-MEN, Wade Wilson] (Indigo)
(G) Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson meet when they find themselves after the same target.

Blue Christmas [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau, Warren Worthington] (TM)
Starring one of Kaylee's Mooks, a certain angelic X-Men gets knocked out of his Christmas funk.

Bobby's Rebellion [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Dyce)
Set back in the early days of the X-Men, this charming (and hilarious) poem explores a moment of teenage rebellion by none other than Bobby Drake.

Body and Soul [X-MEN, Magneto] (Alara Rogers)
Captured and tortured, Magneto must use all his internal resources and the lessons he learned in the death camps to survive his ordeal. (Link goes to Alara's disclaimer; fic rated NC-17.)

Bone and Blood [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau, Ororo Munroe] (K-Nice)
In an elseworld's setting, Detective LeBeau and his partner, Ororo Munroe are confronted with a series of disturbing and grusome murders.

Boundaries of Wisdom [X-MEN, Alpha Flight] (Jane St. Clair)
In an erotic tale set after the dissoloution of Alpha Flight, an isolated Sasquatch searches for a real connection with someone. With anyone.

Break Through [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Kassia)
A horror story posing as a comedy, a comedic masterpiece posing as a spine-tingling mystery, and more. Bobby is sent on a mission, but he's not really sure why-- and awakening in a prison cell with the X-Men's greatest enemy just compounds his confusion.

Brief Moments Of Lucidity [X-MEN, Kitty Pryde] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Kitty Pryde and long-time 'Net friend Willow Rosenberg meet for the first time in Atlanta, at Dragoncon.

Briny Deep Series [DAYSPRING, X-MEN] (DuAnn Cowart)

Briny Deep
(G) After a botched mission, Cable, Domino, Deadpool and Madelyne Pryor find themselves marooned on a raft in the middle of the ocean.
Zoo Day
(PG) Deadpool's got some--shocking news for Cable; the Summers family tree just got a lot weirder, and the Askani'son may never be the same.
Four Years And Running
(PG) A very special little girl is having a birthday...

The Brother of Sleep [X-MEN] (sevenall)
At the end of a life and a love, another learns how to continue living.

Burning White [X-MEN, Angelo Espinosa] (Cherry Ice)
A beautifully written and melancholy holiday-themed Skin story, in which the young mutant wonders whether he has a future with Generation X - or anywhere else.

Burnt [X-MEN, Jean Grey, Madelyn Pryor] (Poi Lass)
Witness a 'chat' between Jean and Madelyne after Scott's death.

But Is It Art? [X-MEN] (Benway)
Part self-satirism. Part scathing brilliance. This story takes and interesting look at the notion of perspectives and dares to ask... is it art?

By the Lake [X-MEN, Cable/Bishop] (Alicia McKenzie)
Two men who have a lot in common share a night of reflection and more.


Caer Sidi [X-MEN, Cable, Jean Grey] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] (in progress)
Someone's jumped into Cable's mind and Jean has more than a sneaking suspicion of who it is.

Charles Xavier, Barbarian Sex God [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Alara Rogers)
Charles Francis Xavier is a barbarian sex god. No, really - just ask the Shi'ar.

Chimaera [X-MEN, Ultimate X-MEN] (Andraste)
(NC-17) The things we do for love... (Ultimate-X)

The Chosen People [X-MEN, Apocalypse] (Dyce)
An Age of Apocalypse story that provides a startling insight into the oldest and most feared of all mutants.

Collins, Missouri [X-MEN, Copycat] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) A small town provides the chance for two people to live out their dream.

Complex [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe] (Indigo)
[1] [2] (in progress)  
Take a look at Ororo, the goddess and the human, and see how a twist of chance brings about startling results. 

Con Job [MISC; X-MEN, Pete Wisdom, John Constantine] (Dr. Benway)
(PG) Before Dream Nails, Pete Wisdom pays a visit to a certain magician - none other than John Constantine himself.

Conversation Between Two Gentlemen - Henry Mulgrew (1858) [X-MEN, Mr. Sinister] (Dex)
A stylistically brilliant look at the early days of Nathaniel Essex. Here we get a glimpse of the beginning of Essex's "sinister" path among the uppercrust of Victorian English society.

Could've Been Worse [1] [2] [3] [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau] (Diamonde)
(PG) An injury changes Gambit's life drastically.

Coup d'Etat [X-MEN, Emma Frost] (Denise Keppel)
(R) Here's a chilling look at events leading up to the death of the White Queen and the ascension of another in her place.

Crossings [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Magneto] (Andraste)
(PG) A man meets another man in the street...

Crown of Roses, Crown of Thorns [X-MEN, Remy Lebeau/Rogue] (K-Nice)
Set during the gap of time where the X-men lost their powers, a fascinating look at the consequences of all the recent events on both Remy and Rogue

The Cure [X-MEN, Hank McCoy/Bobby Drake] (Alestar)
Hank, Bobby, emotion, and enough quiet sadness to make you cry.


The Dancer from the Dance [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (Amanda Sichter)
A dancer dances.  The crow squawks.   Somewhere, babies cry.  What's that gotta do with the story?  Well... nothing.  But read it anyways. ;-)

Dark Revelation [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Galaxia Alpha)
When Bobby Drake must take care of his father after he is brutally attacked, he comes to grips with the nature of hate.

Darker Over Time [X-MEN, Bishop] (Lori McDonald)
Bishop hears remnants of his past and future.

Dasyastidae [X-MEN, Ultimate X-MEN] (Domenika Marzione)
(PG) Ult-X Peter takes a day for himself in the city.

Dawn Is Breaking [X-MEN, Madelyne Pryor, Selene] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) A moment in time with Madelyne Pryor and Selene. What secrets does Jean's clone hold?

Dealing with the Devil [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau] (Amanda Sichter)
Remy has died and, not too surprisingly, found his way to Hell.  But is this Cajun charmer going to stay there?

The Death of Xavier Trilogy [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Scott Summers, Magneto] (Kaylee)

A man pays a visit to an old friend's grave.
'Til Christmas  
A prequel to "Tombstone," and meant to be read after that story.  Charles Xavier, at the end.
To Guard a Gate  
A direct sequel to "Tombstone."  Charles has always had a huge impact on Magnus' life.  How then does his death affect his old friend/enemy?

Devil's Diary [X-MEN, Magneto] (DarkMark)
The journal kept by Erik Magnus Lensherr in the days immediately before his attack on Cape Citadel and his debut as a supervillain. A dark, moving and brilliant look at the Master of Magnetism as he was in the depths of his madness. .

Dialogue [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy] (Poi Lass)
Bobby shares some important words with Hank as he comes to terms with his role in their special friendship.

The Dishwasher Isn't Evil - Or Is It? [X-MEN, Rahne Sinclair] (Hekatis)
(PG) Rahne reflects upon modern technology.

Distant Voices [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Andraste)
After Cyclops's passing, Xavier is stricken with survivor's guilt and several of his friends and compatriots react to his "solution."

Dizzying Edge Of Solitude [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Pete Wisdom finds himself saddled with an unlikely new responsibility...

Doll Parts [X-MEN, Emma Frost] (Sparks)
A disturbing interior look at the woman who would become the White Queen.
The Carny of the Headmistress [X-MEN, Emma Frost] (Sparks)
A companion piece to Doll Parts, this is another look inside the White Queen's mind, older but still plagued by the skeletons in her closet.

Drawn To The Lodestone Rock [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau, Magneto] (Dandelion)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
(PG-13) An amnesiac Magneto arrives at Xavier's mansion, and finds an unexpected ally in Gambit.

A Companion Picture [X-MEN; Remy LeBeau, Magneto] (Dandelion)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] (in progress...)
(PG-13) After leaving the mansion on a journey of self-discovery, Magnus and Remy are joined by Rogue. Meanwhile, X-Factor goes underground after uncovering a government conspiracy...

Dumb American Games [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Alestar)
Bobby and Remy. As Alestar herself says, "Someday I will write the Bobby/Remy breakup story. But that is not today."

During the Night [X-MEN] (Mari Rose)
Where do the X-Men's thoughts wander in the night... what will we ever know of their losses and their hopes? It's a question that needs asking and answering.


Eat Your Heart Out [X-MEN, Lorna Dane] (sevenall)
(PG-13) A touching and tragic portrait of a woman who could be anyone; mutant, human, young, old, made more poignant by how Kristina portrays the illness. Polaris has a problem, and no-one's noticing. Warning: graphic description of an eating disorder contained herein.

The End of Innocence [X-MEN, Generation X] (D. Benway)
Written for the Kill Tristan Brawn challenge on the Danger Grotto. In a fit of jealous rage, Paige rushes off to find her paramour and make him pay for his betrayal.

End of the Line [X-MEN, Elseworlds] (Dannell Lites)
A tale of love affairs, passions, the wild west, and a pretty little lady named Red Jean that bears a striking resemblence to a certain Jean Grey.

The End Of The World [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Alara Rogers)
(PG) The Professor contemplates seeking his students' aid.

Everything Has a Price [X-MEN] (Mari Rose)
What will the X-Men pay to realize their dream? What is the exact cost of freedom?

Expatriates [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) A cab driver's mistake lets Pete Wisdom see a rather startling side of New York.


Faces Of Fate [X-MEN, Maggott] (Lise)
(PG) Maggott contemplates the struggle his life has been.

Fade to Black [X-MEN, Madelyn Pryor] (Alicia McKenzie)
Maddy Pryor fades away, but not with a bang or a whimper ...

Fade-Out [1] [2] [3] [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde] (Laersyn)
(PG-13) Pete returns to Kitty and Muir Island, only to discover the unthinkable has occurred.

Failures [X-MEN, Rogue, Alex Summers] (Latex)
Set during the X-Men's time in Australia, Rogue and Havok take some much-needed time to bond and share their life's greatest failures... and triumphs.

Fallen Angel [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (Lady Kate)
An Angel falls from grace and things are not exactly as they seem.

Fathers of the Atom [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Magneto; Elseworlds] (Dannell Lites)
An Elseworlds tale where Xavier and Magneto are only human, but no less responsible for changing the world as a result - for better or for worse.

Faux Pas [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau/Jake Gavin Jr.] (Diamonde)
(R) Jake deals with being a woman, Remy deals with attraction and friendship.

Feathers [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (Tangerine)
A response to the 'Fear This' challenge, this story is a day in the life of Warren Worthington III aka Angel as he cruises the countryside with two of his best friends, Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake.

Finding Me [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Kaylee)
At the hands of Bastion, Xavier reflects on pride, courage, mistakes, and hope.

First, Do No Harm [X-MEN, Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy] (Poi Lass)
Read along as Bobby tries to reach his best friend through any means available. 

Fishing Trip [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Magneto] (Andraste)
(PG) Charles and Erik discover the perils of pretending to be dead so you can go fishing.
Fishing Trip 2: The Same Generation [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Magneto] (Andraste)
(PG-13) Otherwise known as Magneto And I Went to Space And All I Got Was This Stupid Costume. After the events of Fishing Trip, Our Heroes end up in space and in trouble...

For Old Times' Sake [X-MEN, Warren Worthington, Rogue] (Kassia)
Angel and Rogue escape "for old times' sake." Though the who's and why's aren't what you might think.

For Want Of A Purple Umbrella [X-MEN, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Magneto] (Andrea)
(PG) Apocalypse, Sinister and Magneto walk into a bar...

Forget Everything I Tell You [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy] (Alestar)
Bobby and Hank. In one of the recent books, Hank announced to the media that he was gay. Except it was a joke. So he wasn't.

Fortress Around Your Heart [X-MEN, Sean Cassidy/Moira McTaggart] (Dandelion)
(PG) Sean goes to Muir Island to resolve things with Moira.

Four Continents [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (sevenall)
Warren Worthington contemplates love and good coffee.

Freedom [XMEN; MISCELLANEOUS, Elseworld; Marvel/DC] (Benway)
[0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Young Justice grow up in Genosha. (Mature themes)

Full Disclosure [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Andraste)
(PG) Some questions really shouldn't be asked...


The Gauguin Series F/F themes [X-MEN; Jean Grey/Betsy Braddock] (queenB)

Arearea [1] [2]
After Jean loses Scott to Apocalypse, Betsy helps Jean regain her life... and finds she has her own losses to face.
Femmes De Tahiti
Jean comes back to Westchester and things begin to fall apart.
Aha Oe Feii?
After the events in Femmes De Tahiti, Betsy is left confused and exposed. After Logan confronts her, she copes the only way she knows how.
Fatata Te Mouà
Taking place a few weeks after Aha Oe Feii?, Jean and Betsy both cope on opposite sides of the Atlantic.
Wrestling With The Angel
Betsy makes a tough decision and an even tougher mistake as she finally says good-bye to Warren.
Parau na te Varua ino
Jean's grief finally catches up with her and she lets loose... maybe a little too loose. And there's not much Logan can do to help her pick up the pieces.
Otahi [1] [2]
Jean travels to a rural island to escape her ghosts but finds that there is no place she can hide from herself.
Les Parau Parau
Betsy returns to Westchester and finds her homecoming filled with words and more words. But no Jean.

Genetic Superiority, World Domination, and a Double Chocolate Mocha Latte To Go, Please [X-MEN, Magneto] (Matt Nute)
Magnus spends a moment with his children around the holidays.

Get Some [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau/Rogue] (K-Nice)
A look at Remy and Rogue and some of the things they could accomplish together 'on the job', and what a great team they make.

Give Her the Living Child [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (sevenall)
(R)  Betsy is pregnant with Warren's child, but there's a problem that means both mother and child may not survive labor.  The X-Men make a decision for her.  She doesn't agree.

Giving It Away [X-MEN, Victor Creed] (Redhawk)
Finally Victor Creed's attempts to make amends with the person who helped him all those years ago.

Going Back [X-MEN, Kitty Pryde, AoA] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Kat goes back for the kids instead of Colossus in the AoA.

Good Intentions [X-MEN, Sam Guthrie/Alex Summers] (Cosmic)
A companion to Diamonde's Sam and Alex series, this story shows the road is sometimes bumpy for the two and there is more at stake than the happiness between them.

Good Soldier [X-MEN] (Dr. Benway)
Loyalty. Duty. Honor. Marc Washington has all the qualities he thinks will make him a fine soldier. When he learns that his army is steeped in lies and betrayal, he discovers that those same qualities might also make him a hero.
The Hero (Dr. Benway)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Sequel to Good Soldier. Loyalty. Duty. Honor. Marc Washington has all the qualities he thinks will make him a fine soldier. When he learns that his army is steeped in lies and betrayal, he discovers that those same qualities might also make him a hero.

Grant Me Grace [X-MEN] (Latex)
An excellent character piece set just after X-Men 109 and deals with the tensions hanging over the team before the heads for even rockier waters.

Griplines [DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Cable] (B.J. Carlson
[intro/part 1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (still in progress)
Some people just aren't what we would have expected... And you thought the Summers family was strange! 


Half Lit World [X-MEN] (XanderDig)
[prologue] [1] [2] [3] (in progress)
They have battled unseen evils and saved the planet countless times, but now, at the edge of history, the Uncanny X-Men discover that the world they have worked so hard to defend is a world only half lit.

Happy Hanukah [X-MEN, Magneto] (Jaya Mitai
In an alternate timeline, Magda never ran away from Erik when she learned of his mutant powers. Take a look at the man we know as "Magneto" on a very important day in this different life.

Heads and Tails [X-MEN, Illyana Rasputin] (Phil Foster)
Illyana Rasputin faces her questionable future with her unique perspective.

Hellraiser: Hellfire [X-MEN, Hellfire Club; Sebastian Shaw] (XanderDig)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (complete)
A young Sebastian Shaw's first sojourn on behalf of the Hellfire Club may well be his last.

Henry McCoy in the Dark [X-MEN, Hank McCoy] (Kassia)
Beast finds himself trapped in a dark place, struggling to cling to life and his very identity.

Hitching to Nebraska [X-MEN, Skin] (Cynjen)
Fallen on hard times, former superhero Angelo Espinosa is driving a truck for a living, and picking up a hitchhiker who may be more than he seems.

Hive Mind [SHADOWLANDS; X-MEN] (Persephone Kore)
There are many strange things in the universe of the Shadowlands, and more than a few of them find their way to the Oasis. But perhaps the world wasn't quite ready for sentient purple bees.

Honour To The Living And The Dead [X-MEN] (Dyce)
On the Saturday before Easter, one person remembers a special sacrifice.

Hungry For Your Touch [X-MEN, Rogue] (Amanda Sichter)
Once upon a time, the woman known as Rogue was a villain, and back then she didn't whine about that mutant power of hers . . .


I Do Not Love Thee, Mr Twinkie [X-MEN, Hank McCoy] (Dyce)
Hank McCoy does his best to battle his own sweet tooth.

I Keep Falling Off The Roof [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Remy has a bizarre experience while engaging in one of his favorite activities...

I Kinda Think I Am [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau, Rogue] (Alestar)
Set in the Mooksverse and deals with Rogue's reactions to Bobby and Gambit.

Iced Earth [X-MEN, Stryfe, Illyana Raspuin, Johnothan Starsmore] (Dex)
A mosaic of prose about turning points in three members of the X-family's lives.

The Iceman Goeth [X-MEN] (DarkMark)
Bobby Drake leaves.

Icons [X-MEN] (Alicia McKenzie)
In the far distant future a woman with a love of history faces the loss of her world.

In Bed With Sinister [X-MEN, Lorna Dane] (sevenall)
(R) Lorna finds comfort where she can get it.

In the Bushes [DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Domino, Bishop/Cable] (Kaylee)
Unofficial sequel to Alicia McKenzie's "By the Lake."   What if Domino had witnessed the events in that story?

In Love and War [X-MEN, Professor Xavier/Magneto, Elseworlds] (Alara Rogers)
In a universe where the man we know as Professor X was born a woman, Charlotte Xavier found love with Erik Lensherr. Unfortunately, love is no guarantee that you'll live happily ever after.

In the Mood [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock/Warren Worthington] (queenB
After the Psi-Wars, Betsy is left feeling disjointed and alone. In this story, Warren tries his best to cope with the changed Psylocke and save their relationship.

In This Manner Wooed and Won [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Kitty Pryde] (Mel)
Here, Bobby and Remy turned out to be not-so-forever, and now someone else is making the Iceman's heart melt.

Inevitability [X-MEN, Warren Worthington/Remy LeBeau] (Mercedes)
Sometimes it's not about love. It's just inevitable.

It's My Life [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (Tangerine)
A look at Angel's early life among this X-Men. This striking tale of loss, jealousy and even hope really gets into the mind of this often over-looked X-Man. A must read!

Ivory Edge [X-MEN, Sean Cassidy, Emma Frost] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) After Moira finally succumbs to the Legacy virus, Sean must deal with the aftermath while Emma and the rest of Generation X watch him struggle. Told completely in dialogue, this story is sure to impress and move.


Just Like You [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy] (Alestar)

Something about Bobby and something wonderful about Hank...
The Return
The sequel to 'Prequelling'-- Hank's back from the abyss, and what did he learn about Bobby?

Just The Two Of Us [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Kerrie Smith)
Can't get enough of Bobby Drake? Well, in this charming story there are two of him! Double the pleasure... and double the trouble. links to Kerrie's 'Bobby's World' website

Justice [X-MEN, Excaliber; Piotr Rasputin, Pete Wisdom] (Rossi)
[1] [2]
This alternative version of the events following Colossus's attack on Pete Wisdom in the pages of Excalibur finds the team taking a very different approach to his crime and punishment.

Justifiable Homicide [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock, Alex Summers] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
[R - graphic violence] Sabretooth finally gets what he deserves... but will it cost Psylocke her very humanity? And does anyone, even a cold-blooded killer, deserve what the kind of punishment she serves?
If Your Heart is Not On My Side [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(R) In the sequel to "Justifiable Homocide," Psylocke begins to heal both physically and mentally, while Shadowcat and Havok find themselves going someplace most unexpected.


The Karma Downs [X-MEN, Sam Guthrie] (Cherry Ice)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]
University is a juggling act even at the best of times. As Sam is about to discover, being a member of the spandex squad isn't exactly the best of times.

Kate's Alley [X-MEN, Kitty Pryde] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, in the alley...
Disjointed [X-MEN] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(R) A look at Psylocke, in this twisted universe of depression and dank.

Kilted Apologies [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Romany, tired of her brother's whining, convinces him to apologize to Kitty. The only question that remains is: is he going to go regimental?

The Kinda Changing Series [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Lise)
This series is an alternate, but KJ approved, ending for Kaylee's Kinda Mooks series.

I, Robert Drake, (or) The Kinda Vows He Dreams About
An unofficial (though Kaylee approved) companion to Kaylee's "Any Kinda Breath" has Bobby and Remy's relationship come full circle.
People Kinda Change
Set in an alternate timeline of Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" arc, Warren tries to help Bobby overcome his loss... and realizes too late that he's made a mess of things.
Channel Changing
The follow up to 'People Kinda Change,' Bobby continues to deal with his grief.
The Kinda Change That Hurts
Logan lets himself be used as a punching bag.
The Season's Kinda Changing
After "People Kinda Change," Jean reflects on Remy's loss and how it effects all of them.
As We Give Thanks
Bobby and Jubilee talk. (only slightly within the continuity)
A Kinda Changing Tide
Bobby, Hank, and Warren share some silence late one night.
To Grieve for the Departed
Hank finally finds the words he needs to say.
Snow and Sleet and Spring
Bobby comforts Ororo as they grieve and the healing begins.

Kinda Meteroric [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Alestar)
Bobby and Remy share a quiet moment before... well, you'll just have to see for yourselves. :-)

The Kinda Mooks Series [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Kaylee)
The Bobby/Remy series that spawned so many off-shoots and companion pieces, this follows their relationship through the start, the bad times, and through to the good. Set roughly after UXM #350.

He Kinda Sorta Maybe Loves Him  
An early story that sets up the relationship between the Mooks. 
An Open Kinda Closet
A long day for the Mooks, in which they finally "come out" to the team.
A Different Kinda Craving  
A light-hearted story taking a look at my newest mooky couple; Bobby and Remy.
A Special Kinda Savoring
The further adventures of Bobby and Remy. ;-)  Bobby wants to learn how to be a "better gay man."
A Mooky Kinda PWP [PG-17]
Kaylee thought the Mooks deserved a PWP story (Plot? What plot?). So we get this lovely gem, in all it's mooky glory.
Any Kinda Breath  [R]  [1] [2a] [2b] [2c] [3a] [3b] [3c] [3d]
Something is very wrong with Remy. (complete)

King Magneto: Things Heard [X-MEN, Magneto] (Poi Lass)
Magneto's the king of the world... have you heard?

Kitty's Morning Walk [X-MEN, Kitty Pryde] (Dr. Benway)
(R) During Excalibur's trip to Genosha, Shadowcat learns more about the consequences of the human-mutate civil war there than she expected.




La Belle sans Merci [X-MEN, Belladonna] (Amanda Sichter)
Belladonna plays games with a new Guild recruit.

Laid [X-MEN, Rogue/Remy LeBeau] (Poi Lass)
What if Doctor Agee had managed to take away Rogue's absorption powers?  What if there was finally a chance that Rogue and Remy's star-crossed relationship could be truly consummated? 

Last Call [LOGAN; X-MEN] (queenB)
Two months after the events in "Undercloak," Logan deals with the aftermath and shares an interesting moment with Gomurr the Ancient.

The Last Temptation of Meggan Braddock [X-MEN, Meggan Braddock] (Indigo)
Betsy gives Meggan a wedding present that's more than it seems, and the innocent fae undergoes a startling transformation. Rated R for violence and disturbing themes.

Leavetakings [X-MEN, En Sabah Nur] (Redhawk)
(PG-13) In a sequel to Persephone Kore's 'A Single Step Together', En Sabah Nur has become pharoh over all Eygypt ... but that doesn't stop his enemies from attacking him in the most painful way possible.

A Life Less Extraordinary [X-MEN] (Poi Lass)
[prologue] (in progress)
Set in the future.  A mission failed. An ugly government plot went through.  Now mutants live in a world where the tables have been turned, and nothing is the way it used to be.

Like Sons, Like Mothers [X-MEN, Madelyne Pryor] (Diamonde)
Madelyne Pryor is not Jean Grey, and she wants her life back. A poignant look at what it must be like to be considered the copy.

Living Into The Sunset [CYKE; X-MEN, Scott Summers, Remy LeBeau] (Kaylee Jaya)
Different men live their lives differently... and when Scott chooses Remy's way, things will never be the same.

Loner Ruminates [LOGAN; X-MEN] (Indigo)
Set within Dandelion's Alchemy Arc, Logan reflects on the changes in the X-Men since Scott's death... and Jean's growing relationship with Remy.

Love Affairs are Horrible [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau, Pete Wisdom] (Dandelion)
Remy LeBeau and Pete Wisdom have far too much in common for their shared comfort, but sometimes it's a little bit of familiarity that makes the heartache bearable. And a drinking buddy doesn't hurt. ;-)
Destination: Central [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau, Pete Wisdom] (Dandelion)
Set after Love Affairs are Horrible, Pete and Remy find themselves some adventure.

Love is Just Another 4-Letter Word [X-MEN] (Kerrie Smith)
Set in the early days of the X-Men, all four of the eligible x-students make a play for the charms of Miss Jean Grey and find that there's more to wooing a woman than charm and even having your own "den of love"... clothing optional, of course. :-)


Mad Dogs and Englishmen [X-MEN, Donald Pierce] (Dex)
A glimpse at twisted soul, gory history and complex loyalties of Donald Pierce, the White Bishop.

Man in the Mirror [X-MEN, Warren Worthington/Betsy Braddock] (sevenall)
Archangel and Psylocke can't mind their own business, and don't know where to draw the line. Rated R for sex and violence and the hazy borderland between the two.

Maraud-a-Maid [X-MEN, Marauders] (Indigo)
Sinister and the Marauders have reformed.  How do they make up to the X-Men all the years of conflict? ;-)

The Mask You See [X-MEN, Jubilee] (Dyce)
Take a glance behind the sparkly, innocent surface of Jubilee, and meet the *real* Jubilation - you might be surprised at what you find.

Maybe You Will [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Lise)
Bobby comes home.

Midmorning Storm on a Beach [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Storm becomes one with the elements, and the reader gets a glimpse of what it must be like to be the weather-goddess.

Modifications [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Dandelion)
(G) Xavier decides it's long past time to make some modifications to his hoverchair.

Moment [DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Bobby Drake, Domino] (DuAnn Cowart)
Domino and Iceman share exactly that when they find themselves with some time to spare as they wait for time in the Danger Room.

The Mother of All Retcons [X-MEN] (Alara Rogers)
The Summers family tree gains a surprising addition. And you thought *Cable* was bad.

Music Appreciation [X-MEN] (Domenika Marzione)
(PG) A rainy afternoon at the X-mansion reveals a little culture clash.

My Hero [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Kerrie Smith)
A girl who dreams of being a superhero meets one for real... and finds out that it takes a lot of guts to walk the walk.


Nes Gadol Haya Sham [X-MEN, Kitty Pryde] (Indigo)
(PG) Kitty drafts two of her fellow X-Men on a relief run to war torn Genosha.

New Shoes [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Andraste)
Charles Xavier cleans his boots.

Next Best Thing [X-MEN; MISCELLANEOUS, Thunderbolts, Warren Worthington] (Jim Smith)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [Interlude] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]
What if...Archangel had joined the Thunderbolts? After a quarrel with his lover, Psylocke, Warren Worthington III buries his sorrows in work, leading him to cross paths with Marvel's Most Wanted. In them he sees the purpose he's always sought out...but the T-bolts may learn they're not the only ones with dark pasts coming back to haunt them.

Nightmares [X-MEN, Professor Xavier/Magneto] (Dannell Lites
Set during an early affair between Xavier and Magnus.  Xavier is haunted by a voice from his past and his fears for the future.

The Nightmares Series [X-MEN] (K-Nice
We all know that the X-Men share a common dream. But what are their nightmares? In this beautifully eerie series, each of the X-Men's private fears are realized. (Links to K-Nice's index page.)

Nightmares [X-MEN, Mihkail Rasputin] (Redhawk)
What keeps Mihkail Rasputin up at night? The ghosts of a shattered life and nightmares that are all too real.

Not Here [X-MEN, Shadow King] (Poi Lass)
The psi-war had a devastating impact on all earth's telepaths, but perhaps no-one suffered as much as the seldom-written villain in this story. Poi Lass gives us a window into his shattered world.

Not Quite Paradise [X-MEN, Moira McTaggart, Pete Wisdom] (Cosmic)
(PG) Moira and Pete meet in the great beyond...

Not That You'd Have Noticed [DAYSPRING; X-MEN] (Pebblin)
A most unlikely pair conquer their most unlikely feelings.

Not With a Bang or a Whimper [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau] (Lori McDonald)
Echoes of a lost world are haunting the X-Men.

Now Everything Has Changed [X-MEN; CYKE; SUMMERLANDS,Remy LeBeau] (Shai Perihawk)
After Scott's death, Remy says goodbye as he reflects on his new-found responsibility and the size of the shoes he must try to fill..


Oh, Tiberius! [X-MEN, Magneto/Professor Xavier] (Dr. Benway)
(PG) Magnus and Charles engage in some creative role-playing.

For Old Times' Sake [X-MEN, Warren Worthington, Rogue] (Kassia)
Angel and Rogue escape "for old times' sake." Though the who's and why's aren't what you might think.

On The Subject Of Being Lost [X-MEN] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) In the great X-clan, there's no such thing as a normal sort of reconciliation... ;)

One Hundred Thousand Miles [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Alestar)
Bobby and Remy are a popular pairing to write, and yet Alestar always manages to bring something new to the table. A very human story.

One Touch [X-MEN, Rogue] (Poi Lass)
Set during Rogue and Iceman's roadtrip to Seattle, Rogue tries to regain her inner strength.

Only Candlelight [X-MEN, TCP] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) A minister planning a candelight vigil against anti-mutant violence pits her faith against threats, and what results is an illuminating experience.

Oreo Cookies [X-MEN, X-FORCE, Alex Summers/Sam Guthrie] (Diamonde)
Alex Summers and Sam Guthrie come to an understanding, and more. m/m themes.

Some Rain Must Fall
Havok decides to leave the X-Men behind and has an interesting conversation with Cannonball in the rain. semi-explicit themes.
A sequel to Some Rain Must Fall. Havok continues to persue his dream away from "The Dream."
Make It Okay [1] [2] [3] [4]
Set after "Cloudcover," this story explores not only the growing relationship between Havok and Cannonball, but Alex's strong ties to his family.
Throw A Stone [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Set after "Make It Okay." Alex must come to grips with Sam's way of life and what it means for the both of them as well as his son.


The Paninaro of Angry Weasels Named Flibble [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
(R) Pete Wisdom, Rupert Giles and a number of others find themselves involved in a deadly mystery...

Perchance to Dream [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe] (Cosmic)
(PG) Storm has sacrificed much for Xavier's Dream. And now, dreams are all she has.

Persistence of Vision [X-MEN, Jean Grey] (Foenix)
[1] [2]
Jean has lost her arm in a tragic accident.  When one's a telekinetic, however, things are never quite what they seem.

Personals [X-MEN; MISCELLANEOUS, Various] (Kaylee)
An interesting perspective on the relationships between many characters (comic and other) as seen through a glance at... you guessed it. The personal ads.

Phone Home [X-MEN, Alex Summers] (Domenika Marzione)
Havok arrives back from the 'Mutant X' dimension and calls the X-Mansion to find out what's been happening while he's been away. Turns out that things have been even crazier than usual ...

Plastic [X-MEN, Douglock/Rahne Sinclair] (Dr. Benway)
(R) Douglock and Rahne spend some time alone together...

Points of Interest [X-MEN, Emma Frost] (Cherry Ice)
Emma finds herself trapped - once and again years later. Contains disturbing (but very impressive) imagery.

Power Puff Envy [X-MEN, Rogue] (Dandelion)
(G) Rogue indulges in a little wistful thinking...

Practical Joke [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy] (Lise)
To Bobby's consternation, confusion, and fear, Gambit and Cyclops appear to be, well. friendly.

The Price of Coffee [X-MEN, Rogue, Mystique] (Latex)
Rogue and Mystique have had their share of differences over the years. This latest might just be the greatest to overcome.

The Psi-War Trilogy [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Scott Summers] (Alicia McKenzie)
The following three stories are responses to the OTL Psi-War aftermath challenge.

Separated, restless, disturbed by the unexpected ramifications of the Psi-War, Cable and Domino each reflect on the complexity of their relationship.
The End of Magic
In an accidental meeting, Betsy finds herself in a cafe, talking with Cable about damages that she inadvertently caused.
If the Fates Allow
It's Christmas, and of course Cable is over-burdened and stressed... until something unexpected happens.



The Race [X-MEN] (Indigo)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
After Emma Frost becomes the White Queen again, a new mutant is found by both the Hellfire Club and Xavier's factions. Let the race begin!

Rain [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe/Bobby Drake] (Poi Lass)
Both sad and beautiful, this story explores the X-Men's reactions to a relationship between Ororo and Bobby.

Release [X-MEN, Warren Worthington/Betsy Braddock] (Tangerine)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]
[R] When Angel gets his original wings back, his life with Psylocke changes forever.
Pulse [X-MEN, Warren Worthington/Betsy Braddock] (Tangerine)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]
[R] The sequel to Release.

Remember, When Falling [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau/Ororo Munroe] (Amanda Sichter)
Gravity effects the body and the mind in certain ways... something both Storm and Gambit are very much aware of... as they fall.

Remote [X-MEN, X-Factor] (Dex and JB)
A tale of X-Factor, a TV remote, and what kinds of things Alex doesn't know you can find online...

Rendezvous [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (queenB)
A reaction of sorts to X-Men 109... Warren Worthington goes about his daily business, looking forward to spending some time with a certain someone.

Resonance [X-MEN, Generation X] (Indigo)
A sequel to queenB's "Strung," this story says goodbye to Chamber and the legacy he left to the rest of Generation X.

The Rise And Fall Of The House Of DeZorga [X-MEN] (Suzy DeZorga)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] (in progress...)
(PG-13) A new X-Man has more history, powers, connections and goals than any of the regular team could possibly imagine.

Risen [X-MEN, Jean Grey] (in progress) (Sequoia Swennes)
What if there was no such thing as the Phoenix Force and Jean Grey came back from the dead on her own power? In the epic, Risen, Sequoia draws the world as it could have been... or perhaps should have been... when Phoenix literally rose from the ashes.

The Road Not Travelled [X-MEN, Hank McCoy] (Dyce)
An alternate telling of the first meeting of Hank and Sally from Dyce's "A Homely Touch" in another universe, Bobby and Hank find themselves taking an interesting pit stop.
A Long And Winding Road [X-MEN, Hank McCoy] (Dyce)
Taking place after "The Road Not Travelled," the adventures of Hank and Bobby continue and we're left wondering if Hank is ever going ask out Sally. :-)

Room 102 [X-MEN, Ultimate X-MEN] (Dr. Benway)
(R) A moment with the Ultimate X-Men version of Jean Grey as she and the others are being held captive by Weapon X.

Rumpled [X-MEN, Jubilee, Paige Guthrie; Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Alestar)
A visiting Jubilee sees something she's sure she shouldn't have between Bobby and Remy. What follows is the stuff of X-Men rumor-mill legends.


Saving Cain [X-MEN, Alex Summers] (Domenika Marzione)
[Prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]
(PG-13) An Ultimate X-Men story. Alex Summers has gotten a rough entry into every universe into which he's ever been dropped. Why should this one be any different?

See No Evil [1] [2] [3] [CYKE; LOGAN; X-MEN, AU] (Lise)
A detective 'alternate reality' story set in the background of a mutant rights bill conspiracy and murder.

Seein' Double in Deadeye [X-MEN] (Dandelion)
(PG) Some familiar characters interact in a very unusual setting...

The Shadow Inside [X-MEN, Hank McCoy, Shadow King] (Amanda Sichter)
Beast has a close encounter of the disturbing kind... with none other than the Shadow King.

Shadow Play [X-MEN, Generation X] (River)
Jubilee and Angelo try to find something to hold onto.

Shoot Me [X-MEN, Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy] (Mercutio
Bobby tries to talk to Hank about his problems, and discovers how hard it is to share, and how necessary.

Silence [X-MEN, Magneto] (Alara Rogers)
Written for the OTL Disability challenge.  When Magneto is deafened, how does his life change?

Sibling Rivalry [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Juggernaut] (Matt Nute
Written for Alara's Power Switch Challenge.  Witness the hatred of a brother for a brother.

Six Seeds [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Mice)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [6b]
Part of the "Everyone Says I Love You" series (available on UnFrozen), this is a lyrical and intriguing take on the story of Persephone. Mice weaves the myth into the narrative, creating a unique story.

Skintones [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (Lise)
After regaining his feathered wings, Angel tries to relaim the rest of his life... in his own, mixed-up way.

Sleep Comes Easy [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom] (Matt Nute)
Pete Wisdom reflects on his relationship with his Excalibur teammates.

Small Cages [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe] (Kaylee)
Ororo dreams of freedom from endless self-control.

Snow People [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Loki's Rose)
Just after Jean joins the team, in a universe that's just a bit different from the world of the X-Men we're used to, a young Bobby Drake has a bad day.

Some Kinda Questions [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau, Jubilee] (Heatherly)
(PG) Bobby falls prey to Jubilee's curiosity. (Set in the Kinda Mooks universe by Kaylee.)

Sonata, Unfinished [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock/Warren Worthington] (sevenall)
A sequel of sorts to "Moonlight Sonata," this story tells Warren's point of view of his and Betsy's relationship and that blame cannot always be dealt in black and white.

Sorrows Not Yet Beheld [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (K-Nice)
A day in the life of Warren Worthington III, which turns out to be anything but "normal" and one young woman learns that there are many qualities that make a hero.

Sparks and Shadows, Shadows and Sparks [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock, Jubilee] (Lise)
Set after the Psi Wars and an answer to the Strange Pairings challenge, Psylocke and Jubilee are sharing a body and neither of them will ever be the same.

Sparring [X-MEN, Angelo Espinosa, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
Generation-X's Angelo Espinosa spies Cable during and early morning training session and finds there's more to his callused personality than he first assumed.

Sparrow's Fall [X-MEN, Jubilee] (Lady Seraph)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (complete)
After Jubilee was held captive and tortured to reap revenge against her mentor, Wolverine, the rest of GenX helps her back on her feet.

A Special Kinda Birthday [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (JB McDonald)
Set in Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" universe, this story is exactly what the title says.

Spent Casings [X-MEN, Emma Frost/Scott Summers, Bobby Drake] (Cherry Ice)
Bobby finds out about Emma and Scott.

Spoonbending With Mr. Nude [X-MEN, Magneto/Professor Xavier] (Amanda Sichter)
This is what happens when you take the second Auscon, throw it into a blender, and turn it into a Magneto/Xavier slash story. Indescribable, hilarious and sad. Contains m/m sex and references to Malaysian sun bears.

A Sprig Of Rosemary [X-MEN] (Yasmin M.)
(PG) The production of a play celebrating a group of fallen heroes sparks a conversation about the interpretation of the lives of those heroes.

Start Spreading the News [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Poi Lass)
Bobby and Remy have finally found love...with each other.  Now they have to break the news to their teammates.

The Steel Handshake [X-MEN, Piotr Rasputin, Superman] (DarkMark)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
In the early days of his time in the USA, the Russian X-Man Colossus clashes with all-American hero Iron Man. Can these two political opponents overcome their differences and forge an unlikely alliance?

Still Life [X-MEN, Piotr Rasputin, Kurt Wagner] (Domenika Marzione)
(PG) A moment between Piotr and Kurt after the events of X2.

Stirring The Secrets [X-MEN, Dr. Who] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) A member of the Summers family has a most unusual encounter...

Strange Angels (Ascian)

The Longest Night
When Beast and Cecilia are kidnapped from a medical conference, it is up to Gambit and Marrow to find them.
Hearts of Fire [1] [2]
While Marrow and Gambit head down to the "Big Easy" for a much needed vacation, they do a favor for the Guild that turns out to be anything but rest and relaxation.
Strange Angels
Marrow finally discovers Gambit's role in the Morlock Massacre.
Feel All Right
Logan and Rogue spend some quality time together.

Strung [X-MEN, Generation X; Johnothan Starsmore] (queenB)
After the Psi-Wars, Jonothon Starsmore is left without his telepathy, without his voice and without control.

Sun Through The Leaves [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe, Remy LeBeau] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Storm and Gambit take some down-time.

Sunshine and Violets [X-MEN, Magneto/Lee Forrester] (Dannell Lites)
A touching look at the relationship between Magneto and his human lover Lee Forrester, beginning to end.


Tag [X-MEN, Rogue, Kitty Pryde] (Dr. Benway)
(PG-13) Soon after Rogue first comes to the X-Men, she and Kitty get to know each other a little better.

Take a Mutant to Lunch [CYKE; X-MEN] (Layla Voll)
This was written for the Faces of Hate challenge, and I was really thrilled with this one. Scott and a handful of "lucky" X-Men are participating in a school program to teach children about mutants. ;-)

Tea Time in Genosha [X-MEN] (Cherry Ice)
This is the way the world ends - with tea and conversation.

Ten Thousand Candles [X-MEN, Professor Xavier] (Andraste)
(PG) Post-X2. In the aftermath of the events at Alkali Lake, Charles copes.

The Tall Grass [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde] (Dr. Benway)
(PG) Pete and Kitty take some downtime in India after a mission.

The Tannebaum One Thousand [X-MEN; X-FORCE, Deadpool] (Indigo)
At Christmastime, Deadpool finds himself hired for an unusual job by a surprising client for a unique price.
The Sanity Claus(e) [X-MEN; X-FORCE, Deadpool] (Indigo)
One Christmas after the one in The Tannenbaum One Thousand, Wade finds himself volunteered for Christmas Eve duties, which could include a final resolution of his situation with T-Ray.

The Third Time I Died [X-MEN, Lian Shen] (Amanda Sichter)
Lian Shen makes one last attempt to escape the Shadow King's thrall.

Those Who Look But Do Not See [X-MEN, Marrow] (Dyce
Marrow learns a contradictory truth about upworlders.

Throw My Head Away [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Alestar)
Bobby Drake has gone through fifty years of comic permutations, and years of change. He just can't seem to figure out what that means. This is an amazing look at how, exactly, identity changes - and doesn't change - throughout your life.

Three Princes [X-MEN] (Domenika Marzione)
Set after X-Men 110, this story shows the effects of one death, two women, and three princes.

Thunder Storms [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe] (River)
Inspired by "Small Cages," Ororo has found her freedom.  What of a child who was left behind?

To Let the Thunder Roll [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe/Yukio] (Kaylee
(R) Ororo remembers a long ago night, and wishes for the freedom she found then.
Lightning and Yarn [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe/Yukio] (Kaylee)
(R) The events in "To Let the Thunder Roll" as seen from a different perspective.

Tolerance [X-MEN, New Mutants] (Denise Keppel)
[1] [2] [3]
Although it is part of Denise's "Facing the Music" series (the rest of which may be found on Fonts of Wisdom), this story stands alone. When Rahne discovers that her best friend is bisexual in the worst way possible, she has trouble reconciling her affection for Dani with her religious upbringing. Can things ever be the same for the New Mutants?

Transatlantic Crossing [X-MEN, Professor Xavier, Magneto] (Dr. Benway)
(PG-13) One way Xavier and Magnus might have met each other.

Translucent [X-MEN] (Cosmic)
(PG) Death, as usual, is only a set of revolving doors...

Triptych [CYKE; X-MEN, Jean Grey/Scott Summers/Warren Worthington] ('rith)
(PG-13) They say the triangle is the most stable shape and this story really makes you wonder if they were right. Here, Jean, Scott and Warren explore their feelings for one another.

Tug'O'War [X-MEN, Magneto] (Dandelion)
(G) Heaven and hell fight over Magnus's soul...

Twists of Change [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe/OC] (Pebblin)
Ororo's met someone, and it's no what anyone expects. A great tale about the reality of relationships, and one of the greatest original characters.
What's the Attraction? [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe/OC] (Pebblin)
'Ro just can't place what it is about Sally that makes her special. Sequel to 'Twists of Change'.

Two Promises [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau/Ororo Munroe] (Dandelion)
(PG) After Rogue leaves the X-Men following her kiss with Gambit in Israel, Remy and Ororo exchange promises.

Two Thieves [X-MEN, Remy LeBeau, Bobby Drake] (Valerie Jones & Lori McDonald)

"Thick as Thieves", the prequel to 'Blind Sight', is archived at the LeBeau Library, because it was co-written with Lori McDonald and as yet we don't have permission from Lori to host this story.
Bobby Drake asks Remy LeBeau to teach him to be a thief.
Blind Sight (chapters 1-26; unfinished)
When Operation: Zero Tolerance targets the X-Men, they find aid in a very unlikely place.


Under A Blue Kentucky Sky [X-MEN; X-FORCE, Sam Guthrie] (D. Benway)
As Benway says, "There is more to death than a single panel of dark-clad figures at the edge of a small pit." In this story, Benway dissects grief and all its different incarnations. Read this. You won't be sorry, I promise.

Undercloak [LOGAN; X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (queenB)
In a different version of the Crimson Dawn arc, Psylocke tries to reclaim what is left of her life while the debt she owes to the Crimson Dawn looms over her every action.

Unidentified Remains and the True Nature of Love [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde] (Amanda Sichter)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
Years after the infamous break-up, Pete Wisdom has become a consultant for Scotland Yard and left the spandex lifestyle behind. When a supernatural killer threatens London, though, he needs Kitty Pryde's help to track the murderer down. Rated R for violence.

Unstoppable [X-MEN, Juggernaut] (Matt Nute)
Cain Marko, the unstoppable force known as the Juggernaut, finally grows weary and does the unthinkable.


The Vengeful Soul [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] (in progress...)
[LOGAN; X-MEN, Remy, Logan, OFC, X-Men] (Kerri G.)
Part of the Carless Moment series (linked off Kerri's author page). When Charlotte finds out that Rogue abandoned Remy in Antarctica, she's none too happy.


Wake [X-MEN] (Andraste)
Set after the events around X-men #113, after Magneto's death, an unlikely collection of mutants gather for an improbable funeral.

Wannabe [X-MEN; CYKE, Professor Xavier] (Kielle)
Scott and Xavier have a little chat about a possible new X-Man.

Warriors and Little Girls [X-MEN, Bishop] (Jaya Mitai)
Here's a rare thing: a sympathetic look at Bishop.  Mitai wrote this story as a tribute to a friend, and it's a most worthy one.

Walking Through The Rooms In My Head [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (sevenall)
(R) Betsy's first meeting with Professor Xavier, and what he/the Skrull did to her in Uncanny X-Men.

War Crimes [LOGAN; X-MEN, Logan, Remy, Scott, X-Men] (Morgan Lewis
[1-6] [7-9] [10-12] [13-15] [16-18] [19-20]
In a story that spans decades, a piece of Logan's past catches up to him, and it's not too fond of him, either.

Welcome To The New Mutants, Cypher, Hope You Survive [X-MEN, Doug Ramsey] (Brian Doyle)
(PG) Doug faces the Danger Room for the first time.

Welcome to the Sky [X-MEN, Warren Worthington] (Poi Lass)
Warren finds a strange new gift waiting for him in the sky.
Left on the Ground [X-MEN, Betsy Braddock/Warren Worthington] (Poi Lass)
Sequel to "Welcome to the Sky."  Betsy deals with the result of Warren's accepting the gift offered in the first story.

What Dreams Are Made Of  [X-MEN, Rogue] (J.T.
Rogue knows that something isn't quite right, but discovering just what is wrong isn't easy.

When The Crowds Are Gone [X-MEN, Alison Blaire] (Matt Nute)
At the end of her life, Alison Blaire aka Dazzler receives some special guests.

When the Sun Rose Series [X-MEN, Alex/Bobby] (Mel)

When the Sun Rose
After Scott's death, Alex is struggling to deal with his grief, and Bobby offers to share some of the weight.
Humming the Same Song
Sequel to 'When the Sun Rose.' Alex has been thinking of Bobby, and Bobby has been thinking of Alex.
The Art of Basking Well
Follows in the footsteps of Humming the Same Song. While Alex and Bobby take a day for light-hearted enjoyment, Kurt's efforts to indulge in some desperately needed basking are repeatedly thwarted.

Where Light Dwells [DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Stryfe, Apocalypse] (Diamonde)
The Dark God of Egypt has a proposition for the Chaos Bringer.

While You Were Sleeping [X-MEN, Jean Grey, Professor Xavier] (River and Lise)
Memory, thought, and things that had gone before. A horror story - Jean knows things she doesn't. It's all about the weather.

White Ford Escort [1] [2] [3] [X-MEN, Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom] (Dr. Benway)
(R) Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom try to find and stop a serial killer created by Black Air, but uncover even more than they'd expected.

The White Queen Series [X-MEN, Emma Frost/Bobby Drake] (Dex)

Ice and Roses
Bobby Drake finally gets the nerve to ask Emma out for a night on the town... too bad he had no idea what he was in for.
To Mistress, With Love
Jubilee spends some quality time with Emma... White Queen style!
Hey, Little Sister
Cordelia pays Emma a visit and finds out who the real queen of the Frost family is.
Pass The Potatoes
Emma and Bobby's relationship progresses and Pete Wisdom joins them at the Academy... against his will.

White Rabbit [PANTHEON; X-MEN, Alex Summers] (Domenika Marzione)
[Notes] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31]
(PG-13) Alex Summers has always known that you don't leave the X-Men behind for good. As he embarks on a new life in the 'ordinary' world, Alex tries to strike a balance between being a civilian geologist and being Havok. But his two worlds are about to collide in an event that changes them both forever and Alex finds himself drawn back into 'the good fight' in a way he never expected.

The Whole Story [X-MEN; CYKE] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Something strange is happening to the X-women...

Wind Blown [X-MEN, Ororo Munroe] (K-Nice)
All those years ago, Storm was saved by a handsome stranger with the habit of wearing a trenchcoat. But there's always a chance for other things to happen.

Winding Sheets [X-MEN, Cecelia Reyes] (Cherry Ice)
A young Cecelia Reyes, and the way dreams die.

Winter Where You Are [X-MEN, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] (Poi Lass)
Bobby wants more than Remy's willing to give.

Wisdom of Ages [MISCELLANEOUS; X-MEN, Pete Wisdom/Sandman] (Paradoqz)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [in progress]
(PG-13) Pete Wisdom's dead - and he's not too happy with the whole situation.

With a Whimper [LOGAN; DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Logan, Storm, Emma, Domino] (Cherry Ice)
The end of the world, and a diner. That about wraps it all up.

With Any Weapon [X-MEN, Bobby Drake] (Poi Lass)
Bobby Drake handles what Graydon Creed did to his father in perhaps the most effective way possible.

The World Is Hollow [LOGAN; CYKE; X-MEN, Scott, Logan, Remy] (V. Hayrabedian)
After tragedy strikes and a member of the team dies, Scott comes to terms with his role as team leader and friend.

World's End: Skyline [SHADOWLANDS; X-MEN] (Lise)
Set in the Shadowlands, this is a series following various members of the X-Men through the shifts.

Somewhere Over The Rainbows
Blinded by a shift, Remy clings to the last of his family, and his memories.
Under A Blood Red Sky
Betsy tries to give what comfort she can and stay strong for her new family.
Clouds On The Horizon
Longing and desperation leads one man to try and make a connection with one version of the love he's lost -- but his disappointment results in tragedy.
Dancing To The Thunder
Scott Summers discovers the hard way that even if you find those you've lost - or versions of them - togetherness, like everything else, is often illusory, and often transitory.
The Withering Of Butterflies
The shifts change Betsy, and she finds her personal metamorphosis a blow almost too heavy to bear.

World's End: Oasis [SHADOWLANDS; X-MEN] (Lise)
Set in the Oasis Timeline, this series follows the Oasis denizens through disaster.

Set before the events of Renere, Kitty wanders through the shifts.
Renere [prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Set in the Shadowlands universe, Kitty Pryde uncovers the mysteries of the Twelve and Destiny's diarys, and finds she has more questions than answers. (Beginning of the Oasis timeline.)
Appellere [prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
The sequel to 'Renere', the population of the Oasis deals with Irene Adler, and the aftermath left in her wake. Sometimes prophecy is a gift -- and sometimes it does you no good.
Not long after Irene's departure, Cable has a curious and unsettling encounter with a Stryfe in the shifts.
Diluere [prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [epilogue]
Disaster strikes the Oasis and its people struggle to survive.
Lorna mourns as the Oasis begins to rebuild.

The Words You Said [X-MEN, Pete Wisdom] (Kaylee)
Pete left Kitty with the final words of, "You said you loved me."  Now he's doing a bit of thinking about whether or not that was what he wanted to say.

Written from Purgatory: The autobiography of a mutant. [X-MEN]  (Poi Lass)
[1] [2] [3] (still in progress) 
Leah met the X-Men in a...somewhat traumatic way...and now she's doing what all wise folks do with the extreme things that happen in their lives -- she's writing a book about it.


X-MANSON [X-MEN] (D. Benway)
[notes] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
(R - graphic imagery) Possibly the scariest and most original twist ever written on the residents of the Xavier Institute, this story follows an else-worlds tale (or is it?) in the style of a documentary... painting a picture of Xavier and his followers in a way that will most assuredly astound and disturb you.

X-Men 1970 [X-MEN] (DarkMark)

The Professor and His Pupil
Things are changing for the X-Men and Cyclops goes to discuss their future with his mentor, Professor Xavier.
Halfway Fallen Angel
His father killed and his murderer avenged, Angel is forced to re-evaluate his life... without the X-Men in it.
Bobby and Hank Say "Farewell, New York" and Other Things
Bobby and Hank attend Scott and Jean's wedding... but the fun is only beginning as they depart for an evening at the... Coffee a Go Go.
A Working Class Mutant Is Something To Be
Away from Xavier's School, Jean and Scott pursue "normal" lives but realize Cyclops and Marvel Girl will always be with them... with suprising results.


You Did *What* In A Cave?? [X-MEN, Rogue/Remy LeBeau] (Poi Lass)
Rogue and Remy finally consummate their star-crossed passion.  In a cave.

The Young Person's Guide to Becoming an X-Man [X-MEN] (Amanda Sichter)
Xavier's school has some special rules ...





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