Non-X stories - by title

As Kaylee said when she first started the Itty Bitty Miscellaneous archive, "Non-X stories" obviously cover a wide range, since that means stories based on other comic companies than Marvel, as well as other Marvel books aside from the X-titles.

Kaylee archived mainly TCP stories - stories that fit into the Common People Project theme. (To learn more about the TCP concept, and more importantly, to read lots and lots of wonderful stories, visit The Common People Warehouse, maintained by Kielle). queenB archived mostly Vertigo stories. Because of this, the DC and other titles section of this archive are, right now, woefully short. We hope to be changing that.

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23h35 24/12/14 [MISCELLANEOUS, DC, Spoiler] (Benway)
The war has come to Gotham.


A Bar of One's Own [MISCELLANEOUS, X-FORCE; Subreality] (Sabia)
(PG) Dissatisfied with their current accommodations in the Subreality Cafe, X-Force decides to find someplace new.

A Bit of Dusting [MISCELLANEOUS, Batman] (MaggieCat)
Alfred explains it all, and finds time to clean as well.

A Brush With Death [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
A little boy spends some time with Death and confronts his own mortality.

A Day No Pigs Would Die [MISCELLANEOUS, DC: Superman] (Dannell Lites)
What if the Man of Steel grew up just a little differently?

A Mother's Fears [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Bounce)
In the Marvel Universe, a lot of people are frightened of mutants. Not all of them are obvious or irrational bigots - some are just trying to protect the people they love.

Alice Moving Under Skies [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Amanda Sichter)
(PG) A special woman shares her gift, with the children of her town.

All Too Human [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority: Doctor] (Mack Knopf)
Take a look at the world through the eyes of the Shaman.

Ancient History [MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality] (Bayeux & Tapestry)
A writer returns to subreality and finds that often the more things change the more they stay the same.

Another Conversation With a Dead Person [MISCELLANEOUS, BtVS/Endless] (Blinky the Tree Frog)
Jonothan from Buffy meets an Endless. Set during early season seven, and BtVS spoilers up to "Conversations With Dead People".

Another Man's Shoes  [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Kielle)
There are different sides to every story.

Antibodies [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority/Stormwatch] (DuAnn Cowart)
[Prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] (and ongoing...)
(pg-13) Something is very wrong with the Bleed, the arterial wall that lies between universes, and across parallel timelines, the world's heroes are beginning to notice...

Armistice [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Bayeux)
[1] [2] (in progress)
(PG) Instead of simply defending their Earth against the invading forces of Sliding Albion, the Authority took the battle to them, and destroyed the base of power for the Blue regime. Now, in the aftermath of victory, the team is faced with a surprising request for help in picking up the pieces.

Armor of Roses [MISCELLANEOUS, Punisher] (Ascian)
There are some things you just can't fight... and some that you don't want to.


Beginner's Luck [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Poi Lass)
What would it be like to get everything right the first time you tried it...and never again?

Borrow My Heart [MISCELLANEOUS, The Dreaming] (Mona)
The new Dream falls in love with a young woman and neither of them, or the Dreaming will ever be the same.

The Boy Who Gave Up His Birthday [MISCELLANEOUS, Endless] (Mary Borsellino)
You can choose your friends, you can pick your enemies, but you are stuck with family.


Cain v. Abel, 1979 [MISCELLANEOUS, Captain America/Superman] (Matt Nute)
In another world, two familiar men share a life and a world of experience... as brothers.

Centering [MISCELLANEOUS, Titans] (Kerithwyn Jade)
(R) Donna and Garth spend a moment together.

Church Dark [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
Searching for freedom in a dream, the narrator finds their own path in the waking world.

The City Cried [MISCELLANEOUS, Stormwatch] (Matt Nute)
(PG-13) Altered by aliens into a being that exists in symbiosis with cities, Jack Hawksmoor works to preserve them and the rest of the world as a member of the Authority and a former Stormwatch officer. Just as important as the bigger picture, however, is what Jack hears when he speaks to one city, and hears its cries for justice.

Closer [MISCELLANEOUS, Meta/Subreality] (Tapestry)
Not quite mook, not quite Subreality... "Closer" is the story of Dawn Embers and Glenn Keaton, and what happens when a fictive is left unwritten for too long.

The Cold Equations [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Alara Rogers)
(PG) The Midnighter contemplates Apollo, and the cold, hard odds that govern their lives together.

Cold Fire [MISCELLANEOUS, Stormwatch] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) After defeating his old friend and enemy, the man now known as M.A.D.-1, and saving Russia from nuclear holocaust, an injured Winter gets a visit from his concerned teammates as he recuperates in his quarters aboard Skywatch.

Collective Mutants [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Rossi)
They are students. They are Australian. Yesterday the TV blew up. Really, the fact that they have an extra gene is just a cherry on the cake.

Fire and Shadow
Allison meets Karen and the gang.
Rock the Boat
Fish meets Allison and Karen, and nothing's the same. <g>
Electric Sheep
James meets the gang.
When Toasters Go Bad
Some things are just too much to handle with a hangover - talking toasters are one of them.
Madame Butterfly
When Fatimah's family threatens, the house stands up for her.
Fish Out Of Water
Fish learns a life lesson about what's truely important.
Shadow Dancer
Karen's family problems bring her nightmares to life.
Home Fires
Allison has to decide what she wants to do with her life.
Party Like There's No Tomorrow
New Year's 2000; and what's to become of the house?
Summer Heat [1] [2]
Fish finally gets what he wants.
Happily Ever After [1] [2] [3]
As Rossi says, "This is how it ends. Not with a bang or a whimper, but with an airport." The last Collective Mutants story.

The Common Man  [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Acetal)
An ordinary man in the extraordinary world of mutants.

Con Job [X-MEN; MISCELLANEOUS, Hellblazer] (Benway)
(PG) Before Dream Nails, Pete Wisdom pays a visit to a certain magician - none other than John Constantine himself.

Conspicuous Consumption [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (C.)
(pg) A day in the life of Apollo and the Midnighter, early in their 'retirement'.

Cries in the Night  [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Laersyn
A young mutant can't escape the cries in his he does something about them.

Crisis Point: All in a Day's Work [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Rossi)
A day in the life of a crisis centre.


Daughter of Diana Series [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman & Originals] (Mona)

The Stone [prologue] [1]
A young witch, Alanya, finds herself with one of Dream's most precious possessions. But before she can return it, it is stolen from her.

Defiance [MISCELLANEOUS, Apocalypse/Conan] (Matt Nute)
In an earlier time, one man measures his mettle in a deadly ring of combat.

Dia De Los Muertos [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (queenB)
On the Mexican Day of the Dead, a little girl finally gets her chance to say good-bye to a loved one and makes a new friend... Death of the Endless.

Dickensian Moments [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Alicia McKenzie)
(pg) On their first Christmas as members of the Authority, Apollo and the Midnighter reflect on years past and how much their lives have changed.

Done With Mirrors [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Poi Lass)
Mirrors lie, as this mutant tells us.

Dreamstuff [MISCELLANEOUS, Endless] (Joan Milligan)
You met the oddest men in dreams...


Early On [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Kerrie Smith)
(PG) A kindergarten teacher is given an assignment.

Eclipse [MISCELLANEOUS; SHADOWLANDS, Daredevil] (queenB)
Set within Alicia McKenzie's Shadowlands Universe, Matt Murdock finds himself chasing old ghosts.

Eclipse [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Alicia McKenzie)
(pg) With Kaizen Gamorra's 'circle' broken, Apollo and the Midnighter share their impressions of the Authority's first mission and enjoy some downtime.


Fall On Your Knees [MISCELLANEOUS, Hellblazer/Invisibles/BtVS] (Dex)
[1] [2] (in progress...)
Lord Fanny, John Constantine, Giles and Willow. This story is a tale of magic, consequences, emotions, and power.

Fightin' Irish [MISCELLANEOUS, Batverse] (Kaylee)
(PG) Donal Finnegan cannot understand why a certain costumed hero won't leave him alone.

Fire In The Night [MISCELLANEOUS, Batverse] (Shai PeriHawk)
(PG-13) Firefighter Shelia Rae rescues Nightwing from a burning building, only to later find that she needs the assistance of Dick Grayson.

Five Minutes Longer [MISCELLANEOUS, Captain America] (Matt Nute)
A response to the self-insertion challenge, this story is set during a fateful day during World War II when a hero pays homage to another hero.

Four Changes Ago [MISCELLANEOUS; SHADOWLANDS, Stormwatch] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Wandering alone in a world gone mad, where reality itself has broken down, Lauren Pennington, formerly Fahrenheit, reflects on everything she's lost.

Freedom [XMEN; MISCELLANEOUS, Elseworld; Marvel/DC] (Benway)
[0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Young Justice grow up in Genosha. (Mature themes)

Frozen [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Jane St Clair)
(R) The Midnighter considers ambient temperature...


Generator [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Matt Nute)
(pg-13) The city of Jerusalem is destroyed in a massive explosion, apparently the work of terrorists. But as the Authority begins to investigate, they realize that things are not quite what they seem, as an ancient secret awaits them beneath the ruins.

Getting To Know Us [MISCELLANEOUS; X-FORCE, Subreality] (Sabia)
(PG) One never knows quite what to expect in the Cafe, especially when X-Force is in the area.

The Gift [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Paradoqz)
(PG) Hawksmoor pays his respects on behalf of one particular city on a sad occasion.

Gift of Delight [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
A story of Delight and how she chased gloom away from the human heart.

Good Deeds [MISCELLANEOUS, Batman] (A.J.)
Tim meets up with the one person in the Gotham universe more shatupon than he is. And gets a job.

Good Faith [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Alicia McKenzie)
(pg-13) After the mission against Sliding Albion, the Midnighter has serious doubts about the team's actions on the alternate Earth.

The Great Pumpkinhead [MISCELLANEOUS, Dreaming] (queenB)
The foreman of Dreams never gets a break... not even on All Hallow's Eve. In this story, Mervyn Pumpkinhead takes some time from his busy Halloween schedule to brighten a dreamer's holiday, as well as his own.

Green and Red Hourglasses [MISCELLANEOUS, Transmetropolitan] (Toni Morris)
It's raining in the City. And when it rains here - it pours.


Half Life [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) The Authority has retaken the Carrier and defeated their replacements, but there's a hole in their ranks no victory can fill.

Hanging the Drapes [MISCELLANEOUS, Supergirl] (Persephone Kore)
Supergirl races against time to save the world ... again. But since she's up against Mr. Mxyzptlk the problem is bound to be unique.

Happiness [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Andraste)
(PG-13) The Doctor reflects on his captivity, in the wake of the team's catastrophic defeat.

Hard Choices [MISCELLANEOUS, Midnight Nation] (Rossi)
In the world of the Midnight Nation, a young woman is presented with the dilemma of taking an impossible risk or making an impossible choice, while another is faced with the rules she has to follow.

Hard Day at the Office [MISCELLANEOUS, Marvel/Hulk] (Poi Lass)
Doc Sampson has some interesting patients. ;-)

Harvest [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority/Stormwatch] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] (and ongoing.)
(PG-13) Scythe is killed assisting the UN in her native Yugoslavia, but as Winter tries to cope with the reality of her death, the mystery behind it draws him inexorably into danger.

The Heart of the Matter [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
Desire tempts the soul of two would-be gods and lures them away from her brother's kingdom.

Heels Britannia [MISCELLANEOUS, Hellblazer/Invisibles/BtVS] (Dex)
Lord Fanny, John Constantine, and Giles; just a few old mates in a bar.

Her Fleeting [FELICITAS; MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Renard)
As she guides one at the end of a life, Death grants one last request. f/f situations

Her Revolution [MISCELLANEOUS, Despair] (Joan Milligan)
What do you do when you look in the mirror and see Despair?

Hercules's Cradle [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Persephone Kore)
(PG-13) Mutancy can manifest well before puberty.

Heretics [MISCELLANEOUS, Preacher/X-Files] (Matt Nute)
Now this isn't something you see everyday. While Scully and Mulder are investigating the events of Annville, Texas, they happen upon a rather unusual trio... you guessed it: Jesse, Tulip and Cass themselves.

Hot Zones [MISCELLANEOUS, Stormwatch] (Phil Hartman)
(PG) The battle with the aliens aboard Skywatch ends in a very different way, which leads to a brand-new beginning for all of the Stormwatch teams, and a few very familiar new friends...


I Am Me [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
Delirium has always been the most adaptive Endless. Here, she goes through another change.

If I Stand [MISCELLANEOUS, Marvel, Wrecking Crew] (Larissa James)
There is nothing cuter when old chums get together. Bust some heads, rob some banks, remember good ole times... yeah, that's the good life.

Illusions  [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (sevenall)
Sometimes the only comfort to be found lies in carefully crafted illusions. Tear-jerker warning.

In The Blink Of An Eye [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP/Fantastic Four] (Rhiannon)
(PG-13) When battles are waged, the innocent can be caught in the crossfire.

In The Courtyard [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority/Metafic] (Matt Nute)
The Authority's Doctor finds himself in a special but hidden place, with two interesting companions.

The Invisible Woman [MISCELLANEOUS, Fantastic Four] (Indigo) 
Written for Alara's OTL Breakup Challenge.  The end of Reed and Sue's marriage.

Interlude [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Bayeux)
(PG-13) The Doctor didn't leave the problems of his old life behind when he became a shaman, and Jenny tries to help him deal with them.

Iron Crown [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (DuAnn Cowart)
(pg) After Jenny's death, Jack Hawksmoor contemplates his new role as leader of the Authority.

Irreplaceable [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Gabriel O'Ryan)
(PG) The Midnighter thinks about Apollo, and everything his partner means to him.

It Starts With A Word [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Lise)
(PG-13) There are many different kinds of prejudice. (A 'Faces Of Hate' challenge response.)


Jane Austen Was Right [MISCELLANEOUS, Titans] (Kerithwyn Jade)
(PG) Set in Smitty's Potatoverse universe, Donna plays matchmaker. An incredibly sweet tale.

Just One Dance [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
Even wallflowers need their time to shine. After Una faces disappointment at a school dance, she finds a very unique dance partner... in Dreams.


Knight After Night [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority; Batman] (Jane St Clair)
(pg-13) Jack has a very bizarre discussion with--Batman?

Kuropaty [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Tom Morgan)
A man with a very special job meets with the Librarian of Dreams and is reminded of how just how important his task is.


L'Anima Del Libro [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Alicia McKenzie)
(G) A young woman enjoys her unique mutant gift.

Last Call [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority/Preacher/Hellblazer/X-Men] (Dex, illustrated by Ashlan)
When Jenny Sparks throws a farewell party, many a familiar face comes a-callin'.

Legacies Of Winter [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Dex)
(pg-13) Years after a joint Authority/WildCATS mission in Moscow ends disastrously, Jenny Sparks and Grifter return there. But Jenny's motivations may not be what they seem...

Leman [FELICITAS; MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Falstaff)
(pg-13) Angie discovers that caring for someone who believes they're incapable of love has its dark side.

Less Than Catharsis [MISCELLANEOUS, Avengers] (Larissa James)
Hawkeye mourns, in his own way.

The Logres Cycle [MISCELLANEOUS, The Endless, Arthurian Legend] (Andraste)

Between Salt and Stone
(PG-13) The first story in the Logres Cycle, this story outlines the circumstances behind a certain King's birth. Destiny and Desire clash over the control of an English king, and the conception of a very special baby...
Bright Lights and Dark Dancers
(PG) Ulfin and Merlin take the infant Arthur to Titania's court to protect him from the enemies besieging Britain. But are the guardians more dangerous than the forces they are meant to protect the child from?

The Look and How to Get It [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Poi Lass)
Being able to change your skin creates certain advantages in a particular line of work.

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty [MISCELLANEOUS, Watchmen] (DarkMark)
The rise and fall of Ozymandias.

Loser [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Dr. Benway)
(R) What is winning worth?

Lucy's Drowning [MISCELLANEOUS, Lazarus Churchyard] (Amanda Sichter)
Based on Warren Ellis's dark science fiction series 'Lazarus Churchyard', where the world has gone to hell and things can only get worse. A frostygirl tells her story, and takes comfort where she can.


The Maid of Orleans [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (queenB)
At the end of her life, Jeanne d'Arc faces her fate in Destiny's Garden as she is judged one final time by humanity.

Manchild In A Storm [MISCELLANEOUS, Strangers In Paradise] (Indigo)
David Qin is the helpless sailor caught in the convoluted emotional maelstrom between his sister Darcy Parker, and her former associate, Katina "Katchoo" Choovanski. How can David prove his sister's twisted notions don't affect his feelings for the woman he loves?

Marathon [MISCELLANEOUS, Flash] (Matt Nute)
It takes a certain perspective to be the fastest man alive.

Men Of Skill [MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality] (Andraste)
(PG) In the Subreality Cafe, a sharing of advice takes place...

Miracles [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman/Delirium] (Joan Milligan)
Even in the saddest of times, tiny miracles appear to those who need them most.

Moonstruck [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
In "merry olde england," London's children have a secret they keep from their parents. A joyful night only Delirium could create.

The Muse's Menace [MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality] (Dandelion)
(G) The battle to end all battles

My Name Is Not Superman [MISCELLANEOUS, DC] (Prairiedog
A man's life is ruined by the shadow of the Man of Steel.


Nevermore [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (queenB)
(R) Matthew the Raven ends up in a not-so-very-nice man's not-so-very-nice nightmare. Or is it a nightmare? An adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven."

Newcomers [CYKE; MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality] (Dandelion)
A group of Jean and Scotts welcome a new couple to the cafˇ. :-)

Next Best Thing [X-MEN; MISCELLANEOUS, Thunderbolts, Warren Worthington] (Jim Smith)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [Interlude] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]
What if...Archangel had joined the Thunderbolts? After a quarrel with his lover, Psylocke, Warren Worthington III buries his sorrows in work, leading him to cross paths with Marvel's Most Wanted. In them he sees the purpose he's always sought out...but the T-bolts may learn they're not the only ones with dark pasts coming back to haunt them.

Nightly [MISCELLANEOUS, Batman] (Kaylee)
(PG) We often fail to realize the effect our actions have on those we love.

No Night For Gin [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) After the defeat of Sliding Albion, Jack tries to help Angie come to some sense of peace about their actions in the name of 'changing the world'.


The Old Made New Again [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Contrail
Mutants have a wide range of powers.  For many of them, that means suffering and grief.  For this one, however, being a mutant is something different. ;-)

Old Soldiers [MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality] (Dyce)
The life of a villain is a hard one. Really. Just ask Sylvester

One Last Measure [MISCELLANEOUS, Cable/Conan] (Matt Nute)
A sequel to 'Defiance,' Cable confronts Apocalypse at the end of his life and runs head first into an immovable suprise.


Papercut [MISCELLANEOUS, Superboy] (JB McDonald)
Every man has it's breaking point. And sometimes a simple cut can bring your whole world tumbling down.

Pathways [MISCELLANEOUS, Rising Stars] (Roguestar)
"My name is Joshua Kane and this is not my gun." A powerful piece about fear, and religion.

Paying For It [MISCELLANEOUS, Vertigo] (Dex)
Quote from the story says it all - "Eventually, everything comes due, and all prices are paid."

Personals [X-MEN; MISCELLANEOUS, Various] (Kaylee)
An interesting perspective on the relationships between many characters (comic and other) as seen through a glance at... you guessed it. The personal ads.

Peter [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Andraste)
Sometimes there is more to suburban bliss that what may seem. And sometimes it is best for children to be seen and not heard, especially in Peter's case.

Pilgrim Soul [MISCELLANEOUS, Preacher] (Dannell Lites)
Jesse Custer's search for the Lord Almighty has ended but he must fight the biggest battle of his life, with both Cassidy and the Saint of Killers... by his side?

Postmarked 10-09-99 [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Falstaff)
(pg) Apollo writes a letter to some old friends.

Preaching To The Choir [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (C.)
(R) A chance remark after the battle with Albion sets the Midnighter on edge.

Pulling Your Bat Out Of The Fire [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority; Batman] (Jane St Clair)
(PG-13) Batman's back. Jack's psyche is a scary place to be. Sequel to Knight After Knight


The Rantings of a Forgotten Mary Sue [MISCELLANEOUS, Meta] (Kaylee
Just about every writer has had a Mary Sue character at some point or another, and once a writer has "learned better," the poor old thing tends to be forgotten.  This one demanded a voice after years of neglect. 

Reactivist [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Susan Crites)
(PG) When the unthinkable happens, one man takes it upon himself to make the world a better place.

Rededication [MISCELLANEOUS, Thunderbolts] (Jim Smith)
Songbird, the last of the Thunderbolts, a ghost in a tomb?

Revelations [MISCELLANEOUS, Daredevil] (Carmen Williams)
Foggy Nelson watches the world end. In a manner of speaking.

Rose-Colored Glasses [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) After a disturbing nightmare, Jack makes a relevation to Angie about the truth behind his personality changes as of late.

Rose Waltz [MISCELLANEOUS, Stormwatch] (Paradoqz)
(PG-13) Can the Spirit of Murder ever really die? And, more importantly, what does she do in her spare time? What sort of kindred spirits might Rose Tattoo find?


Santa Claus Eats Babies [MISCELLANEOUS, Invisibles] (Lise)
This was originally a Holiday Fanfiction Project. Jack celebrates Christmas.

Shadow Dancing [MISCELLANEOUS, Nightwing/Angel] (Syl Francis)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
When Luthor plots with Wolfram & Hart all sorts of people become suspicious.

Short Interlude Between Naps [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Poi Lass)
A short piece about a man who just wants to sleep and a woman who doesn't want to let him.

Sister [MISCELLANEOUS, Midnight Nation] (Rossi)
In a prequel to Hard Choices, TJ is just beginning to understand what it means to live, and to fight, in the world between. It's just as well she's got Laurel there to help her out.

Sleeping Through History [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Dr. Benway)
(R) After a job interview, a woman finds herself being treated for an unspecified medical problem.

So Much Griping, So Little Accomplishment [MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality, X-Force] (Red Monster)
(G) On a seemingly normal evening in the Subreality Cafe, John Francis Moore receives some much needed advice.

So Much To Live For [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Mona)
A girl mourns the loss of her missing pet and finds herself having a conversation with none other than Death of the Endless.

Soul Of The City [MISCELLANEOUS, Batman] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) During 'Knightsend', Bruce Wayne prepares to take back his city from the man he chose as his successor.

Star Trek: Authority [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) The Authority has a night off, and find themselves sucked into the Doctor's 'habit'. No, nothing pharmaceutical...;)

Steaming [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Jane St Clair)
(PG-13/R) An eavesdropping Jenny reflects on Apollo and the Midnighter.

Still [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Jane St Clair)
(R) After the events of the 'Nativity' storyline, Apollo reflects on the past, the present, and his relationship with the Midnighter.

Story Threats [MISCELLANEOUS, Meta] (Kaylee Jaya)
(PG) Courtesy of the IRC crew. :)

Stories by the Fire [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Joan Milligan)
Stories have more value in this world than you might have imagined.

Subreality Hopscotch [MISCELLANEOUS; LOGAN, Subreality] (Kielle)
The first subreality story - Logan takes a tumble through the world of fanfics. ;-)

Suffer the Children [MISCELLANEOUS, Hellblazer] (Rossi)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [Epilogue]
(R) John Constantine's job has never been pleasant. Surely a psychotic kid is not enough to faze him, demon or otherwise. Surely... A delciciously scary horror story, thrilling mystery, and a riveting drama all rolled into one.
Death and the Art of Pyramid Selling [MISCELLANEOUS, Hellblazer] (Rossi)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
(R) In Rossi's words: "This is a follow-up to 'Suffer the Children', though not necessarily a sequel." Constantine travels to the English country as a favor to a friend. What he finds is fuel for another chilling tale.

Superman and Man [MISCELLANEOUS, DC] (Dark Mark)
A very poignant 'what if' where Superman trades places with an equally "super" man.

Survivors [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority/Stormwatch] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) At one of the Authority's infamous parties aboard the Carrier, Shen has a long-overdue discussion with her old friend Flint about the loss of Stormwatch.

Survivor's Sojourn [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Indigo)
(PG) After Jenny's death, the Doctor remembers her role in his life, and comes to a joyous discovery.


Tell Me What You See [MISCELLANEOUS, SC] (Skyrocket
Posted in response to the Blow Kaylee Away challenge.  A young writer takes a journey through Subreality with a familiar man.

These Viscious Things [MISCELLANEOUS, DC, Batman] (Kerithwyn Jade)
Far darker things than those dwelling on the streets of Gotham await Bruce Wayne when he examines his past.

Three Things That You Cannot Do On Television [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Dr. Benway)
(PG) A university professor finds his own unique way of dealing with a self-important bigot.

'Til The Midnight Hour [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (Indigo)
(PG) On December 31st, 2000, the members of the Authority celebrate the true beginning of the Millennium.

Twelve Seconds  [MISCELLANEOUS, Marvel] (Prairiedog
What if Spiderman had jumped after Gwen Stacy?

Twenty Questions [MISCELLANEOUS, Rising Stars] (Domenika Marzione)
(PG) One of the Specials exercises his talent...

Two Worlds [MISCELLANEOUS, SC] (Fancycatz)
Being a writer isn't something you can ignore if it's really in you... no matter what the genre.


The Unfantastic, Credible, Unastonishing, and Unreally Cool Adventures of Bizarro [MISCELLANEOUS, DC] (Dark Mark)
This story is... well, exactly what it says. :-) A definite treat and "am sure to un-amuse."

Upon A Peak In Darien [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Amanda Sichter)
(PG) A woman deals with unexpected news and a terrible decision.


Walkabout [MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality] (Dex, written with others)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
(R) Not all the roads in Subreality are meant to be easily walked. But if you have the heart to finish the trek...

The Waning Dark [MISCELLANEOUS, Authority] (T'Kuro Grym)
(PG-13) After the defeat of Sliding Albion, Hawksmoor and Midnighter spend some time away from the Carrier, and bond in their own unique way.

Water and Stone [MISCELLANEOUS, Nightwing] (Matt Nute)
(PG-13) Nightwing, one night.

What You Know Can Hurt You [MISCELLANEOUS, TCP] (Poi Lass
Here's the flip side of what might seem a wonderful mutant power.

When They Tell You To Stop And Smell The Roses [LOGAN; MISCELLANEOUS, Superman] (Ana Lyssie Cotton
(G) An unusual pair of heroes stop to appreciate the simple beauty of nature.

Wisdom of Ages [X-MEN; MISCELLANEOUS] (Paradoqz)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [in progress]
Pete Wisdom's dead -- and he's not too happy with the whole situation.


You Can Cry If You Want [MISCELLANEOUS, Sandman] (Joan Milligan)
A writer finds the King of Dreams and keeps His presence close to the heart.


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