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3 AM [DAYSPRING; Domino] (Cosmic)
(G) Domino gets a phone call at a truly ungodly hour...

15 Seconds Of Fame [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) A look at some very familiar characters through a very unusual 'perspective'...

50 Ways To Be A Summers [CYKE; DAYSPRING, Summers family] (Brucha Meyers)
(G) The Summers family is second to none when it comes to complexity.


A Crazy Kinda Way To Spend The Afternoon [DAYSPRING, Cable, Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau] [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Cable, Iceman, and Gambit are captured by rogue Genoshan magistrates, and spend a very edifying afternoon in a cell together. (Archivist's Note: Tied to Kaylee's 'Mooks' series.)

A Little Change [DAYSPRING, Domino/Cable] (Lise)
(PG-13) Cable goes through a rather unexpected - and dramatic - change.

A Little Dream [DAYSPRING, Domino] (Diamonde)
(PG) Domino reflects on where her life has taken her, and where to go from here...

A Little Faith [DAYSPRING; SUMMERLANDS, Cable, Bobby Drake] (Diamonde)
(PG) After Scott's death, Bobby Drake comforts his 'nephew', even though Cable's convinced he doesn't need any comfort.

A Long Week Without Me [DAYSPRING] (Sunset)
(G) Domino leaves the mansion for a week, and everything goes to pieces without her to keep everyone on the 'straight and narrow'.

A Mother's Pain [DAYSPRING, Domino] (Indy)
(PG) Domino is reunited with her daughter, five years after she had mysteriously disappeared.

A Second More [DAYSPRING] (Andrea)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
(PG) The Dayspring unit escapes from Apocalypse's fortress along with a new member of the family.

A Short Shower [DAYSPRING] (Mel)
(G) Every piece of information can have strategic value--even the obvious fact that Cable is not a morning person.

A Sight Beyond Forever [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

A Time To Talk [DAYSPRING] (Pebblin)
(PG-13) Back during their years with the Wild Pack, Cable and Domino struggle with boundaries - and definitions - for their growing relationship.

A Walk Through Niflheim [DAYSPRING, Shadowlands] [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] (in progress...)
(R) After a horrific encounter with an insane Magneto in the shifts, Nathan responds to a strange summons and leaves the Oasis once more. He winds up in a strange, surreal shift, where the potential for revelation is almost as great as the danger. Shadowlands.

After The Fall [DAYSPRING, Scot Summers] [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Sequel to Jaya Mitai's On Letting Go . After a disastrous mission, Scott tries to cope with his son's death.

Aftermath [DAYSPRING, Cable, Scott Summers] [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) After Scott is separated from Apocalypse, he finds Nathan up late one night, brooding, and forces his son to finally confront the truth about his behavior during the months he thought Scott was dead.

Aftermath [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS; DAYSPRING] (Maria Cline)
Inspired by some fan-based theories which kept Cyclops from sacrificing himself to save X-Man, this story shows Scott dealing with the consequences and regaining a son.

Akashic Gospels [DAYSPRING, Shadowlands] [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] (in progress...)
(PG-13) At the Oasis, Nathan keeps a diary, not knowing if anyone will ever read it, but determined to record life amid the shifts.

Akkaba Revisited [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

All She Is [DAYSPRING] (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Cable's thoughts on his partner, not long after they parted in X-Force #60.

Alter-Nocturne: Daybreak [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) What would have happened if Cable's temporal abilities had kicked in that day on Genosha and let him see what was about to happen to Domino? How would the course of events been changed? Part of the Nocturnes series.

Always [DAYSPRING] (KrazyKora)
(PG-13) Cable says goodbye to Domino when the Legacy virus claims her life.

Ambivalence [DAYSPRING] (Riolee)
(PG) Tragedy strikes, and Domino grieves.

And Miles To Go [DAYSPRING] (Kaylee)
(PG-13) Cable says goodbye to Domino on a cold winter's night.

And Oranges [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG) Domino does a little...babysitting. Archivist's note: Part of Timesprite's 'Time, Tide and Trauma' series.

...And The Years Have Left No Mark [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Time travel does strange things to the aging process--enigmatic, but true.

Another Peaceful War [DAYSPRING] (Matt Nute)
[1] [2]
(PG-13) A slightly unusual take on the Wild Pack days, with a couple of new faces thrown into the mix...

Another Place And Day [DAYSPRING] (Nikki)
(PG) After his falling out with the Pack, Cable is reflecting on the past and feeling rather depressed about the future, when the dice happen to fall his way.

Annwn [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Decades after Cable's death fighting Apocalypse, Domino comes to his grave one last time, and discovers that some things are stronger than death...

Armageddon't [DAYSPRING] (Phil Hartman)
(G) A delightful rewrite of the Twelve Saga.

Ashes Of Chaos: Break Of Dawn [DAYSPRING, Stryfe, Cable] [DAYSPRING] (Jaya Mitai, Persephone & Mel)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Stryfe attacks Cable at one of his safehouse, leading to dire consequences for them both.

Askani Anthem [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(G) A song for Cable.

Aspect [DAYSPRING, Shadowlands] [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) The first Shadowlands story. Reality has been shattered, and two old soldiers find comfort in each other amid the ruins.


Babysitting, And Life's Other Little Insanities [DAYSPRING] (Alison Boehm)
(PG) Cable and Domino take on a daring, risky mission... babysitting baby Rachel.

Battle Lines: Early Afternoon [DAYSPRING] (A.j. & B.J. Carlson)
(PG-13) Torn over what to do about her pregnancy, Domino leaves, and when Cable follows her, he winds up having a man-to-man talk with Bridge.

Before The Sun Rose [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG) Facing a difficult turning point in her life, Domino asks Cable to do one very simple thing. His answers isn't a surprise, but it will wind up being more significant than he could imagine.
Don't Look Back [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG) Sequel to Before The Sun Rose . Domino decides she's had enough, that she can't live with the chances Cable takes and all the secrets he keeps any longer, while Nathan discovers that he loves her enough to let her walk away.
Home For Christmas [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG) Sequel to Don't Look Back . Later that same year, Domino keeps a promise in her own inimitable way.

Belle Of The Ball [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Cable. Aunt May. What more can be said?

Between Battles And Blankets [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Nathan and Domino sleep in on the morning after a particularly rough mission.

Between The Shore And The Deep Blue Sea [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(G) On vacation with Domino in Florida, Cable makes some unusual new friends in the Gulf of Mexico.

Beyond [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Nathan leaves a farewell message for his father, just in case...

Beyond The Pale [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) What was happening to Cable while Stryfe was in control of his body?

The Blaquesmith Chronicles [DAYSPRING] (Matt Nute)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
(PG) Five years in the future, Blaquesmith tells a special bedtime story to the daughter of a dear friend.

Bleed [DAYSPRING, Cable, Jean Grey] [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) After the battle between Apocalypse and the Twelve, and the loss of Scott, Nathan and Jean confront each other, and their guilt and grief explode in the most dangerous way imaginable...

Blood Stand [DAYSPRING, Tetherblood] (Paradoqz)
(PG-13) In the 38th century, Tetherblood continues to fight the good fight, and in the middle of a desperate battle, has a remarkable encounter with some very familiar faces.

Blue Lines [DAYSPRING] (BJ Carlson)

Battle Lines: Early Afternoon (with A.j.)
(PG-13) Torn over what to do about her pregnancy, Domino leaves, and when Cable follows her, he winds up having a man-to-man talk with Bridge.
Blue Lines Alternate: Prism
(PG-13) A slightly different take on Cable's reaction to Domino's little 'surprise'.

Blue Pancakes And Homemade Coffee [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG) Cable wakes up to find Domino in his bed, and decides to make her breakfast.

Born To Darkness [DAYSPRING] (Adriana & Jeff O.)
[Prologue] [1] (in progress...)
(PG) A look into Domino's background; and it hits a little closer to home than Cable and the rest of the Summers family might think.

Brave New World [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Thrown off the battlefield into a past world he knows nothing about, a confused and disoriented Nathan Dayspring turns for help to Charles Xavier.

Briny Deep Series [DAYSPRING, X-MEN] (DuAnn Cowart)

Briny Deep
(G) After a botched mission, Cable, Domino, Deadpool and Madelyne Pryor find themselves marooned on a raft in the middle of the ocean.
Zoo Day
(PG) Deadpool's got some--shocking news for Cable; the Summers family tree just got a lot weirder, and the Askani'son may never be the same.
Four Years And Running
(PG) A very special little girl is having a birthday...

Burning Bridges [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) After his fight with Cable in X-Force #25, Magneto contemplates in the differences in their ideals.

Buying The Farm [DAYSPRING] (Mercutio)
(PG) Sequel to Jaya Mitai's Paving The Road.You can't keep a good woman down, especially one with supernatural luck.

By The Lake [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Bishop and Cable find common ground and surprising comfort in each other on a very strange night...'


Cable's Contribution': An Addendum To The Askani Book of Proverbs [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Ever wondered what Cable might have to contribute to Askani 'wisdom'?

Cablicious [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Innuendo is a girl's best friend...

Caer Sidi [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] (in progress...)
(PG-13) As the X-Men relax in New Orleans after their battle with the Slavers in Russia, Jean starts to suspect that there's something very wrong with Nathan...

Callings [DAYSPRING] (Adriana)
(PG) Nathan reflects on how his powers have affected his life. Chalice [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) An Elseworlds tale. A lady and a knight rescue each other in a most unusual way...

Checkmate [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Some unusual brother-sister bonding...

Chosen [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

The Chosen Few [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Lost in the shifts, a Cable happens upon Sunnydale, California, and a certain young woman with whom he shares, among other things, a last name--

Christmas In The Taiga [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Just when Domino thinks her luck's run out, she's miraculously rescued from a very dangerous situation. But dealing with her rescuer may be the real challenge...

Clan Chosen [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

(PG) Nathan makes a promise to Jenskot.
Belisarius Laughed
(PG) Nathan Dayspring sets out on a dangerous mission to liberate a city from Canaanite control without telling Jenskot...
Live To Fight Another Day
(PG) The Clan Chosen lose a city to the Canaanites, and Nathan learns once more about the demands of leadership.
(PG) On the festival eve of Winternight, Nathan Dayspring and his son Tyler make an unexpected journey to help someone in need...a journey that foreshadows one that Domino and Sam Guthrie will make years into Nathan's future, and two millenia in the past.
Night Falls
(PG-13) After the defeat of the Clan Chosen, Stryfe visits Dayspring in his cell
(PG-13) The leader of the Clan Chosen contemplates triumph over the Canaanites, and the price paid for victory.
(PG-13) A sad little story about collateral damage, set after the defeat of the Clan Chosen.

Clarity [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

(PG) Cable defeats Apocalypse, but is injured badly in the process and left blind.
Tangible Light
(PG-13) Nathan realizes that there are some things that don't take eyes to see.
(PG) Unseen, Maddie contemplates her son and the price he's paid.

Clear As Midnight [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) The Christmas after losing Scott, Nathan gets a particularly meaningful gift from a very special someone.

Close Encounters [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG-13) Domino reflects on where it all went wrong.

Confessional [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Cable has a conversation with a psychiatrist about the burdens he bears.

Conversation Over Hot And Sour Soup [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Meet Minerva Parker: associate professor, mutant clairvoyant, and Cable's very own 'Delphic Oracle'.

Counting One [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)

Cry Of The Heart (Four Rubai For Cable) [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)


Damned Time And Dammed Time [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)
[Prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Somewhere between life and death, Stryfe decides he needs a new approach.

The Dark Age [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Not long after the beginning of his association with X-Force, Pete Wisdom is summoned to Paris by his 'predecessor' for a talk.

Dark Reflection: Cable And Stryfe [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

Dearly Beloved [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde)
(PG-13) Cable and Domino lose someone very close to them. Will they be able to hold on to each other?

Decisions [DAYSPRING] (Morrioghan)
[1] [2] [3] [4] (in progress...)
(PG) Set between X-Force #71 and X-Force #82, this is my attempt to explain Domino's actions in Cable #55 and the decisions that led her back to X-Force.

Desierto [DAYSPRING] (Adriana)
(PG) An Elseworlds story about the leaders of two desert tribes, and how they come together.

...Did You Know It? [DAYSPRING] (TM)
(G) Everyone needs a hobby, but Cable's would come as something of a surprise to everyone who knows him.

Divinity Repealed [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino confronts someone over the path her life has taken.

Don't Be Reasonable [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde)
(PG) Cable comes to check on Domino after her encounter with 'Junior', and winds up having a very enlightening conversation with Sam.

Double Helix [DAYSPRING] (Andrea & Persephone)

Twin Destinies [1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG) The timeline takes a very different path, and Nathan and Stryfe end up in very different places. . .
Twin Divide [1] [2]
(PG) Nathan begins to put his plans into motion, as he and Stryfe come to terms with their divergent paths.

Doubt [DAYSPRING] (Tomato)
(PG) Nathan examines his, and others', perceptions of Scott's death.

Dreams In The Mist [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) Unwilling to wait in the Subreality Cafˇ between chapters of True Believers, Cable encounters a very special unwritten fictive.

Dreams Of The Shattered World [DAYSPRING] (Alex SisterWolf)
[1] [2] [3] (in progress...)
(R) In an alternate universe, Cable is a genetically engineered cyborg soldier and Domino is a scientist working in the project that created him.

Drowned Out [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) Domino has a strange - and rather enjoyable - encounter with someone unexpected.

Drowning Sorrows [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) After the revelation that he's the real Nathan Christopher, Cable's having trouble coping, and Domino tries to help.

Duet [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) When Nate Grey accidentally kills Cable while the two of them fought Apocalypse, he finds out that for some actions, there is not such thing as mitigating circumstances...

Dunsinane [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
(R) Cable has disappeared, and Sam and Domino try to track him down. But things are a lot worse than they know, and continue to go wrong...

(PG-13) Lost in the Shadowlands as the world dies around her, Domino resolves to stay alive, to remember everything and everyone she's lost.


Either Or Neither [DAYSPRING] (Em-Spider)
(PG) Stuck in a bad situation, Domino confronts the paradox of her feelings about Cable.

The Elf That Lived Next Door [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Nate and Dom in a 'seasonal' moment...

Erinyes [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde & Alicia McKenzie)

Erinyes: Yours Sincerely
(PG-13) A young Eris happens upon a surprising opportunity to lash out at Natalie.
Erinyes: Hell Hath No Fury (with Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In a slightly different world, Natalie Dayspring leads the Clan Chosen against the Canaanites and Eris, her mortal enemy.

Eve [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde)
(R) Stryfe takes a terrible vengeance on Aliya.


Fable [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) A story told to the children of the Oasis...

Faces Of Askani'son [DAYSPRING] (Shai PeriHawk)
(PG) A range of characters reflect on the young Nathan.

Fading Lights [DAYSPRING] (Brooke Hembree)
(PG-13) Domino dies on a Wild Pack mission, and Cable finally admits his feelings for her.
Darkest Dawn [DAYSPRING] (Brooke Hembree)
(PG-13) Sequel to Fading Lights. Cable grieves for his lost love.

Fallen Angels [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) In a world where Cable never existed, the legendary mercenary known as Domino lives a subtly different life.

Falling Down [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(G) Domino tries to make sense of her life.

False Sorrows [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

Fidarsi [DAYSPRING] (Adriana)
(PG-13) Domino and Cable's first encounter after the Six-Pack's last, disastrous mission in the Yucatan.

First Kiss [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) When Stryfe is carried away from a battle with the Clan Chosen, he finds himself in an unexpected situation.

Floats [DAYSPRING] (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Eavesdropping, however unintentional, can sometimes be very illuminating, as Jean finds out late one night.

Fluffy Friendly Fever Dreams [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)
(G) An ill Cable has a philosophical discussion with some very unusual visitors.

Fly On The Wall: Cable [DAYSPRING] (Em-Spider)
(G) Cable through the eyes of an inquisitive fly.

Flying Dutchman [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Nathan, Scott, and Chris Summers get together for a bit of a vacation on the Starjammer, but the trip takes a surprising turn when they receive a distress signal and go to investigate.

For The Good Of The Team [DAYSPRING] (Lise)
(G) Some addictions CAN'T be broken--at least, not without alarming consequences. ;)

Forever [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) Someone watches over Cable forever in spirit.

Forever, You Said [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) After her death, Aliya watches her husband's life in the twentieth century...

From Baaad To Worse [DAYSPRING] (Andrea)
(G) Cable has a transforming experience. Literally.
A Purrfect Punishment [DAYSPRING, Stryfe] [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(G) It's Stryfe's turn for a transforming experience... Sequel to Andrea's From Baaad To Worse.

Full Circle [DAYSPRING] (Adriana)
(PG-13) The things that need to be said can be said anytime, even if all the other person can do is listen.

Future Pluperfect [DAYSPRING] (Domenika Marzione)
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(PG-13) A visitor from the future arrives as a new threat faces Cable and the X-Men.


Gethsemane [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)
(PG-13) After the battle at Akkaba, a certain song rubs salt in Cable's wounds.

Glass Cage [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)

(PG-13) The unwilling prize in a madman's collection, Domino must deal with being imprisoned again.

(PG-13) An attempted escape shows Domino the severity of her situation.
Gothic Delusions
(PG-13) Time and captivity weigh heavily on Domino.
Mind Games
(PG-13) In the aftermath of her escape, Domino faces new challenges and old fears.

Gone [DAYSPRING] (Shai PeriHawk)
(PG-13) A look into Domino's mind after Cable's death.

Griplines [DAYSPRING; X-MEN] (BJ Carlson)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (in progress...)
(R) Some people aren't what you expect--and you thought the Summers family was strange!

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
[1] [2] [3] [4] (in progress...)
(PG) An unexpected arrival at Oasis causes quite a stir, but his help in the attempt to reassemble the Twelve and repair reality may turn out to be invaluable. Part of the Shadowlands universe.


(PG-13) Domino comes to the Academy to do a favor for Sean, and winds up reliving memories of her past with Emma.

Halftime [DAYSPRING] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Sometimes the conversation can be a lot more interesting than the football game...

He [DAYSPRING] (Adriana)
(PG) The companion piece to Full Circle. Domino tries to figure out who this man is, watching over her, and why he seems to be so glad to see her awake.

Hellfire And Damnation [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] (in progress...)
(R) Domino is drawn into the affairs of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, and Cable attempts to save her, only to discover that the situation is a great deal more complicated than either of them thought.

Hey Mom, Hey Dad [DAYSPRING] (Kristling Dreamflyer)
(PG) Cable and Domino's son visits their grave.

History Buffs [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(G) Working alone in the library, a grad student encounters a very unusual visitor. (Archivist's note: Written for the OTL Self-Insertion Challenge.)

Hold On [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino watches Cable as he sleeps, and admits some hard truths to herself.
When The Dance Is Over [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG-13) The sequel to Hold On. After Cable's death, Domino thinks about their life together...

Hooray, Hooray, The T-O's Gone Away! or "Yoink!" (And That's A Technical Term!) [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Cable's cured himself of the T-O virus. He's very happy. Soon, the whole world is going to know it... ;)

How's It Gonna Be? [DAYSPRING] (kaleko)
(PG-13) Domino writes Cable a series of emails, but it winds up being a one-sided conversation...
Fragile Wings [DAYSPRING] (kaleko & Timesprite)
[1] [2] [3]
(PG-13) Domino moves on and joins a new mercenary group, but disaster strikes, and she finds herself becoming increasingly involved with the only other survivor of the group, a woman who goes by the name of Lemonade...

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame [DAYSPRING] (JB McDonald)
(PG) A young girl lives in a world apart from her family, but not by choice.

The Hunters [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] (in progress...)
(R) After X-Force's last, disastrous mission, Cable finds Domino to enlist her help in his search for Sam.


I Cracked A Piece Of Broken Glass [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) A very unusual possible origin for the mysterious Domino...

I Just Called... [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(G) Cable's screwed up again (surprise, surprise ;) and does his clumsy-yet-endearing best to make amends to Domino.

I Left My Heart On Seikosha IX [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) When X-Force has moved into the mansion and Cable is wearing himself out trying to do everything himself, Domino decides to take steps.

I Saw Mommy Kissing... That Flonqing Bastard Remy LeBeau [DAYSPRING] (Dandelion)
(PG-13) In Moscow, Cable wrestles with the reality of Jean and Remy's new relationship.

I'm Waiting [DAYSPRING] (Sparks)
(R) Aliya's thoughts on a night that changed her life forever.

Imposition [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) Domino finds herself with some unexpected company...
Shades Of Blue [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) Domino and her new guest begin to come to terms...

In My Image [DAYSPRING; X-FORCE] (Diamonde)
[1] [Interlude 1] [2] [3] [4] [Interlude 2] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Something very strange is happening to Sam.

In The Bushes [DAYSPRING; X-MEN] (Kaylee Jaya)
(PG-13) Unofficial sequel to Alicia McKenzie's "By the Lake." What if Domino had witnessed the events in that story?

In the Still of the Night [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Masquerading as Domino, Copycat reflects on how 'difficult' her job has become--and how dangerous it is to fall in love with your target.

It's A Beautiful Life [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Domino's thoughts, while in action.


'Joshua' Timeline [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)

Stress Fracture
(PG-13) Domino has to make a choice when she finds Nathan in a lethal Danger Room program.
(PG) Two weeks after the incident in the Danger Room, Domino forces Cable to look at what he's doing and make the choice for himself.
(PG) A very nice young man by the name of Joshua comes to pick up his date. The fact that she's Cable and Domino's daughter ensures the night will be an interesting one.
That Which Is
(PG-13) That same night, Nathan reflects on the chain of events that brought him a family and a home...

The Joys Of A Random Booby-Trap [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG) Cable and Domino fall victim to one of Bobby Drake's practical jokes.

Just Believe [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) What if the Twelve Saga had ended happily? What would Cable and Domino have done on New Year's Eve, 2000?

Just Lucky, I Guess [DAYSPRING] (DuAnn Cowart)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51] [52] [53] [54] [55] [56] [57] [58] [59] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Cable and Domino face the return of a threat from their past. The question is, will they do it together?

Just Passing Through... [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) When a solo mission for the Pack goes wrong, an injured and delirious Cable is visited by a strange little girl and her talking dog...


The Kitten Saga [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton & Persephone)

Night Terrors
(G) Stryfe's attempt to get a good night's sleep is frustrated by an unwelcome visitor.
To Name A Nuisance (with Persephone)
(G) The 'nuisance' plays a surprising role in events when Cable is captured by the Canaanites.
Been Here Forever... (with Persephone)
(G) Cable continues to establish his control over the Canaanite forces while Stryfe adapts to the change in his situation, while Diamonde, in many ways, plays mediator.
Wine, Kitten And... (with Persephone)
(G) Cable continues to establish control over the Canaanites, and like most political campaigns, this one involves a number of social niceties. The kitten, however, has other ideas...
The Thickens Plot (with Persephone)
(G) In the wake of the party, a pair of unlikely rescuers attempt to free Stryfe, and several interesting new developments take place.
Same As It Ever Was? (with Persephone)
(G) The further adventures of Stryfe and Diamonde.
Gonna Be A Daddy (with Persephone)
(G) In every female cat's life comes 'That Time', and Diamonde is determined to make the most out of it...
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (with Persephone)
(G) The kittens arrive, and Stryfe's getting restless...
Silent Fears And Breakfast (with Persephone)
(PG) Stryfe struggles to come to terms with his current situation, and it's not an easy process.
Babysitting And Chicken Soup (with Persephone)
(PG-13) The socialization of Stryfe continues apace...

Kutsurogu [DAYSPRING] (Adriana)
(PG-13) A mission back to Madripoor brings up a lot of old ghosts for Domino.


The Lady Is A Tramp [DAYSPRING] (Trisha L. Sebastian)
(PG) Cable watches Domino work on a mission, and reflects on their partnership.

The Lake [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Nathan and Domino take some time away.

Land Of The Living [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Searching for X-Force at the Colossal Man festival, Cable finds himself caught up in the festivities, and nearly loses himself along the way.

The Last Meeting [DAYSPRING] (Maria Cline)
(PG) Cable visits a terminally ill Scott.

Last Survivor [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

Leave [DAYSPRING] (Jaya Mitai)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
(R) In a world where Slym and Redd were the ones to raise Stryfe and Cable was lost to Apocalypse, the brothers are still in conflict, and Nathan, now known as Sunspear, deprives Stryfe, in the most horrifying way possible, of someone dear to him.

Letters From The Edge [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Carrying on an email conversation with his son, Scott starts to realize that something is very wrong.

Life Begins At Imagination [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) A drunken Dayspring makes a little friend...

Lilies Of The Field [DAYSPRING] (Em-Spider)
(G) Cable spends a rare quiet afternoon.

Losing Myself In You [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) On the way back from the Negev, Cable and Domino deal with the feelings stirred up by the end-of-the-world-that-wasn't.

Lost In A Gunshot [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(R) Despite their problems, Cable and Domino still find themselves drawn to each other--but whether it's healthy or not is another matter entirely.
Shallow Words [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG-13) Indirect sequel to Lost In A Gunshot. Domino and Cable continue to struggle to deal with the mess their relationship has become.

Love Me Like Sunday [DAYSPRING] (Sparks)
(PG) Nathan goes for a walk to speak to someone very near and dear about what's in his heart.

Lucky Comrade-In-Arms [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(G) A wry little filk narrated by Cable.


Magik Lessons [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) A request for help from the new ruler of Limbo leaves Cable in a very unusual situation.

Make A Wish [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Nathan Summers has made a habit of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but he's about to learn that even the most unpromising day can take a turn for the better.

Masks [DAYSPRING] (Jenrhianna)
(PG) Domino's thoughts on Cable.

The Meaning Of Sorry Having No Meaning By Nathan 'Cable' Summers [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG) Nathan contemplates his philosophy.

Mental Kicks In The Coccyx [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Someone's hitched a ride in Domino's head...

Midnight Justice [DAYSPRING] (JenesisX)
[1] (in progress...)
(PG-13) A serial killer brings back dark memories for Cable.

Mindful Of Each Ghost [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Cable isn't coping well in the wake of Scott's death, and Gambit, as his team leader, finds himself forced to step in.

Mochachino Variations [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Coffee... the universal bringer-together. ;)

Moebius Strip [DAYSPRING] (Alara Rogers)
(PG-13) Cable takes the future into his own hands once more, but with a very different strategy this time...

Moebius Time [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)
Moebius Time II [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)

Moment [DAYSPRING; X-MEN] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) Domino's plans for a quiet night in the Danger Room are interrupted by the appearance of Iceman.

Moments Like These [DAYSPRING] (Sparks)
(PG) Domino's thoughts on Cable one morning.

Moments Of Cuteness [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Cable and Domino face the ultimate challenge... parenthood.

Mommy Loves You [DAYSPRING] (Threnody)
(PG-13) Domino mourns for more than we know.

Moving Mountains [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) After Apocalypse's death, Nathan convinces Domino to come rock-climbing with him, and despite awkwardness and near-disaster, they begin to deal with some of the issues between them.

Mutie Godmother [DAYSPRING] (Indigo)
(PG) Domino pays a visit to the Mansion and to one resident in particular - Marrow.


Necessary Evils [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) Domino has moved on with her life and joined a new mercenary group, but when one of their jobs conflicts disastrously with Cable's latest personal crusade, how far will Domino go to secure the information she and her new friends need to save themselves--the information that only Cable has, and isn't willing to share?

Need [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG-13) Stacey reflects on Nathan, and the choices she's made about their relationship.

Needs Must [DAYSPRING] (Falstaff)
(PG-13) Blaquesmith reflects on his pupil, and what must be.

Never Tell Me The Odds [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Logan is captured by people who are very interested in something in his mind. But why--and why can't he remember? And what does Cable have to do with it?

New Order: Quality Time [DAYSPRING; PANTHEON] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG) Domino tells Cable about her afternoon alone with month-old Clare. Part of the Pantheon timeline.

Night Owls, Paternal Instincts, And Questions Better Left Unasked [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Scott decides that it's time to have 'The Talk' with Domino.

Nights In Purple Satin [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Domino's out for a night on the town with a certain 'colleague'...

Nightmares [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

Nocturnes [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

Water For The Dead
(PG-13) After Domino is killed in battle, Cable is overcome with grief. Nocturne #1.
The Bondage Of Sorrow
(PG-13) Magneto, the man partially responsible for Domino's death, tries to deal with the horrific reality of a psi-link accidentally formed between him and Cable that day. Nocturne #2.
Where Anger Bleeds
(PG-13) Xavier tries to confront Cable about the psi-link with Magneto, but Nathan is in no mood to listen. Nocturne #3.
Just A Stretch Of Mortal Time
(PG-13) Logan and Cable clash in the Danger Room--and not in a program. Nocturne #4.
Memento Mori
(PG-13) Scott's attempt to get through to his son has tragic results. Nocturne #5.
The World In Shadow
(PG-13) Rachel Summers comes to Magneto in astral form, to persuade him to help her brother. Nocturne #6.
The City Of The Evening Star
(PG-13) Lost in his own mind, Cable finds his heart's desire--or does he? Nocturne #7.
Watched You Fall
(PG-13) One of Cable and Domino's 'children' sits at his bedside, trying to deal with her fear and her own feelings of guilt over Domino's death. Nocturne #8.
Cry In The Wilderness
(PG-13) Magneto and Jean Grey descend into Cable's mind to try and bring him out of his coma, but they aren't prepared for what they find... Nocturne #9.
Cast Your Soul To The Sea
(PG-13) The final confrontation between Cable and Magneto, and a stunning decision. Nocturne #10.

Not Alone [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Cable is rescued from Apocalypse's fortress by the Twelve.

Not That You'd Have Noticed [DAYSPRING; X-MEN] (Pebblin)
(PG-13) Domino begins a relationship with one of the last people you'd ever expect.

Nowhere Bar [DAYSPRING] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Left alone on a Friday night, Kai finds herself accompanying Domino out on the town. (Archivist's note: Tied to Kaylee's Kai & Logan series.)

Number One, With A Bullet [DAYSPRING] (Phil Hartman)
(PG) In the 'cathedral' in X-Force #100, Domino is given a chance to step through realities to Akkaba, where she finds that one bullet can make quite a difference.


Oasis [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(R) Shadowlands. In the shifting zones, an older version of Franklin Richards manages to establish a sanctuary where reality is stable. There, he and his companions attempt to reassemble the Twelve and reverse the accident that caused the rupture in the multiverse.

Occam's Razor [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

Odessa [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG) On a train to 'nowhere', Domino thinks about her life...or what's left of it.

#offtherecord [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Cable, G.W. Bridge and a surprise 'guest' share an online chatroom.

On Letting Go [DAYSPRING; CYKE] (Jaya Mitai)
(PG-13) A lot remains unresolved between Cable and Cyclops, but when tragedy strikes on a mission, one of them learns how unimportant it all is, and what really matters.

On The Stairs [DAYSPRING] (DuAnn Cowart)
(PG-13) Sequel to In The Bushes by Kaylee. Domino confronts Cable about his encounter with Bishop.

Once Haunted, Twice Freed [DAYSPRING] (Pebblin)
(PG) Sometime in a happier future, Nathan and Domino spend a day at the beach with a very special person.

One Call Does It All [DAYSPRING] (Pebblin)
(PG-13) Nate and Dom have an argument--but it's not what it looks like.

One Cup [DAYSPRING] (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Domino remembers Theo.

One Hundred Tears Away [DAYSPRING] (Magikkatya)
(PG) A look into the past of X-Force's enigmatic Domino.

One Word [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(G) Domino has a somewhat one-sided conversation with a flu-ridden Cable...

Open House [DAYSPRING] (Paradoqz)
(PG) The Shadow King jumps into Cable's mind, but finds out he's not the only one who's 'been there and done that'.

Open Fires [DAYSPRING] (Matt Nute)
(PG) A day in the life of Blaquesmith, before he ever meets the Askani'son...

The Other Side [DAYSPRING] (Riolee)
(PG-13) Stryfe reflects on his family.

The Outsider's Arc [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
(PG-13) Not long after Operation: Zero Tolerance, Cable is called in to help Logan and Bishop track two mutant criminals, one of which is a young girl with a strange and dangerous psionic power. But as first Sinister and the Marauders, then Rachel Summers, the Mother Askani, become involved, the three find out very quickly that things aren't what they seem...
Interlude: Northern Lights
(PG) Recuperating in Alaska following the events of Dreamweaver, Cable turns out to be a very cranky convalescent, and Domino's about to strangle him until he chooses an unusual way to make it up to her.
True Believers
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Still suffering the aftereffects of his injuries, Cable is drawn back into his endless war with Apocalypse when a mysterious force somehow connected to his ancient enemy begins disrupting the timestream itself. But as he marshals both his strength and his allies to stop it, the buried secrets of the Askani Sisterhood being to emerge--secrets that could threaten Cable's mission, the people he loves, and his very sanity.
Interlude: Oubliette
(PG-13) Domino is struck down by a psi-attack in battle, and Cable must chase her through her own, long-forgotten memories to save her.
Epinikion (with Cascade)
[Prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [Interlude] [10] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Rachel Summers and Tanya Trask, the young women who will eventually become the Mother Askani and Madame Sanctity, are brought to a pause in their journey through the timestream for a lesson in the dangers of altering history. Meanwhile, Dana Hawkes and Sam Guthrie celebrate their wedding, never knowing how little it would take to turn their hopeful future into a nightmare...
Coda: At The Water's Edge
(PG) After Cable's death, Logan contemplates the past, and the surprising friendship they wound up sharing. (Note: Tied to the Outsider's Arc, but no longer 'canonical' in relation to the Pantheon series.)

Over The Hills And Far Away [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In the aftermath of the battle with Apocalypse, when his own body turns against him, Cable flees the mansion.


Packing Tape [DAYSPRING] (Lise)
(PG-13) Cable celebrates a certain significant event by making up a number of Christmas presents...

Paint It Black [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Sometime after the battle at Akkaba, Nate Grey happens across Cable in New York and discovers that his 'big brother' isn't dealing with Scott's 'death' and other recent events very well at all.

Paint It Black [DAYSPRING; CYKE] (Aj)
(R/NC-17) Sometimes the only resolution isn't a happy one...

Paint The Town [DAYSPRING] (Suzy DeZorga)
(R) Cable and Domino and Marya and Logan go on a double date, and New York may never be the same.

The Paladin Trilogy [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

Broken [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
(R) Captured by the Dark Riders, Cable accepts Apocalypse's offer of one-on-one combat--and loses. But that defeat is only the beginning...
Crusade [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] (in progress...)
(R) Apocalypse continues the process of molding Cable into his paladin, and the X-Men and X-Force begin to realize that rescue may no longer be an option.

Pantheon [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

(G) Sam and Dana's son is born, and little Nathan Thomas has a late-night 'talk' with his godfather. Part of the Pantheon timeline.
Kicking And Screaming All The Way Out To Pasture
(PG) Nathan Summers begins to realize just how little he likes the role of 'semi-retired desk-jockey'. Part of the Pantheon timeline.
Peacekeepers: Denver
[1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) A seemingly ordinary day is shattered when a terrorist group calling itself the Unity commits an atrocity of unimaginable scope. Part of the Pantheon timeline.
Black Knights
[1] (in progress...)
(PG-13) A year after the Unity's attack on Denver, a group of young XSE officers, led by Clare Summers, begin their own private war against the terrorists. Part of the Pantheon timeline.
Water Music
(PG) After her father's death, Clare reflects by the water. Part of the Pantheon timeline.

Paper Trails [DAYSPRING] (BJ Carlson)

Paper Trails
(PG-13) In the aftermath of OZT and her encounter with Gryaznova, Domino writes a letter.
Paper Trails: Last To Know
(PG-13) Cable finds out about what happened to Domino while she was Gryaznova's prisoner.

The Paradox Of Cable [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

Passings In The Night [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

The Patron Saint Of Lost Causes [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3]
(PG-13) Injured, ill and exhausted, Nathan takes a break from his latest 'crusade' to spend Christmas with his sister.

Paving The Road [DAYSPRING] (Jaya Mitai)
(PG-13) Cable's good intentions go awry, with a terrible cost both to himself and the woman he loves.

Peach Nectar [DAYSPRING] (Jaya Mitai)
(PG-13) In the thirty-eighth century, the Clan Chosen and the Canaanites clash yet again, with unexpected consequences for both Stryfe and Nathan Dayspring.

Penumbra [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) A very odd dream reveals to Scott a part of his son's life that he never dreamed existed.

Pie Plates [DAYSPRING] (BJ Carlson)
(PG) On a seemingly ordinary night, Stacey finds herself on the verge of a very important revelation about her new friend, Nathan Summers.

Poenas [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Released by Apocalypse, a confused and tormented Caliban comes looking for the man who apparently 'abandoned' him to Ozymandias in the Morlock tunnels--Cable.

Porcelain Masks [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino stops by for a visit, and unloads a little baggage.
Ashes And Pipe Dreams [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG) A companion piece to Porcelain Masks. Domino makes another, slightly different visit.

Precipice [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) His reason for being completed and his powers out of control, a distraught Nathan finds out that the only way out is to go forward.

Premonitions [DAYSPRING] (Mz. Kitten)
[Prologue] (in progress...)
(PG) Cable asks a very important question.

Promise [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) At Tyler Dayspring's funeral, the student becomes the teacher as Sam tries to help Cable through his grief.
Anniversary [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Sequel to Promise. On the one-year anniversary of Tyler's death, Logan follows an impulse to visit his grave in Kentucky, only to encounter Cable there.

Promises [DAYSPRING] (Brooke Hembree)
(PG) Domino makes a promise, but years later, begins to wonder if it's not one she really should break.

Providence [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino finds herself trying to pick up the pieces when Cable's mission asks too much of him, yet again.

The Psi-War Trilogy [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

(PG) Thousands of miles apart, their link broken by the Psi-War, Cable and Domino reflect on their relationship during a sleepless night.
The End Of Magic
(PG) After the Psi-War, Cable runs into Betsy Braddock, and the two of them talk about the changes in their lives since her battle with Farouk on the astral plane.
If The Fates Allow
(PG) At Christmas, still suffering the effects of the loss of his telepathy and exhausted from the ordeals of the past months, Cable finds his burdens lightened by an unexpected reunion.

The Purple Toothbrush [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde)
(PG) An exhausted Cable returns to one of his safehouses, and discovers a poignant reminder of the past--and a little hope for the future.


Quintessence [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG) When a certain - and often uncomfortable - philosophy rules your life, you have to find some way to reconcile yourself to it.


Rainstorms Remember [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG-13) Domino keeps a journal.

Rainy Days [DAYSPRING] (Allure)
(PG) Needless death is a bitter thing. Forgiveness can be worse.

Raven Skies (Alicia McKenzie)
[2] [3] [Epilogue]
(PG-13) Cable vanishes mysteriously, and a worried Domino goes first to Logan and Kai, and then to her old friend G.W. Bridge for help. (Archivist's note: Tied to Kaylee's Kai & Logan series.)
Stargazers [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Not long after the events of Raven Skies , Kai and Cable share an...astronomical experience. (Archivist's note: Tied to Kaylee's Kai & Logan series.)

Rebellious Hearts [DAYSPRING] (JenesisX)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) Picking up where the Askani'son Limited Series leaves off, 'Rebellious Hearts' is a story of the early years of the Clan Chosen rebellion.
First Blood [DAYSPRING] (JenesisX)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) The sequel to Rebellious Hearts. Nathan and Aliya's relationship grows as the Clan Chosen face real combat for the first time.

Reconstruction [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

My Own Prison
(PG-13) After Stryfe's reappearance, Rogue is concerned about Cable's possible reaction and speaks to him about the matter. But the conversation soon gets out of hand.
Frozen Sun
(PG-13) Rogue goes out to retrieve a depressed and angry Cable from a local bar, but the violent confrontation that results has very unintended consequences.

Renowned Be Thy Grave [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In a dark future controlled by the Sentinels, an X-Man remembers Cable and Domino and the sacrifice they made.

Replacement Killers [DAYSPRING] (DuAnn Cowart)
(R) Separated from Cable and X-Force, Domino tries to fill up the emptiness by returning to the sort of life she left behind years ago, but she's not fooling anyone, least of all herself.

Replay [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) The night when Malcolm and Randall were killed is one of Bishop's most painful memories, but when Cable finds him running that particular Danger Room program yet again, he isn't shy about voicing his opinion on the matter.

Resurrection By Fire [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

The Riddle Of Steel [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Life - and Cable - through the eyes of Apocalypse.

Running Blind [DAYSPRING] (Brooke Hembree)
[Introduction] [1] (in progress...)
(PG-13) Domino is injured while away from Cable and X-Force.


Sagarmatha [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) After Scott's death, Nathan takes a break in his wandering to visit a particular place in Nepal...

Sailing The Sky [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Domino and Cable share a quiet afternoon of introspection and cloud-watching.

Scheherazade [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
(R) Shadowlands. Nathan is injured in a bar fight at the World's End, and for the rest of that night, Domino finds herself overcome by memories of her past, especially how she and Nathan met and came to the Oasis.

Second Sun [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
(PG-13) Sometimes, what might have been is the most heartbreaking truth of all.

September Skies [DAYSPRING] (Trisha L. Sebastian)
(PG) On a morning jog, Sam contemplates his teacher and 'father'.

Shadows [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In the wake of the battle in Latveria with Stryfe and X- Man, an exhausted Cable is wracked with self-doubt that manifests in a very...unusual way.

Shekinah [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Sometime during the six-month gap, Cable returns to Akkaba, and Jean comes looking for him.

Shelter From The Storm [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG) Domino and Cable spend one last night together before they say goodbye.

The Shi'ar Coffee Story [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Coffee that isn't coffee, and one half-asleep, caffeine- addicted time traveler. Two words: take cover.

Shields [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Tragedy strikes, and Cable must say goodbye to an old friend.

Shots [DAYSPRING] (Adriana)
(PG-13) What if it hadn't been Hammer who'd tried to hand that disk to Stryfe on that fateful day? What if it had been someone a lot nearer and dearer to Cable's heart? Would that have changed anything?

Should Have Been Me [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG-13) For Cable and Domino, some nightmares are inevitable.

Sinatra Cycle [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

(PG) When Cable comes to say goodbye to X-Force in CABLE #73, he and Domino share a moment before they go to talk to the team.
All My Tomorrows
(PG) After Cable defeats Apocalypse, he and Domino face an uncertain future--together?
The Grudge Match Of The Century [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) When a stray Sentinel attacks the mansion and Cable uses Logan's motorcycle as 'ammunition', he and Logan clash, with an amused Domino and Kai looking on. (Archivist's note: Tied to Kaylee's Kai & Logan series.)

Sinatra Night At The World's End [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Shadowlands. Nathan brings back some rather remarkable 'salvaged goods' from the shifts, and the people of the Oasis relax, and remember...

Size Doesn't Matter [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Cable gets himself in a strange 'little' predicament...

Slumber [DAYSPRING] (BJ Carlson)
(PG) Cable's thoughts on Domino as he watches her sleep.

Small World [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde)
(PG-13) Going out one morning in search of coffee, Cable finds much more than he bargained for...

Snowwoman [DAYSPRING] (Kristling Dreamflyer)
(G) Cable does something very special (and unusual) for Domino.

So Long [DAYSPRING] (Sparks)
(PG-13) Stryfe looks out upon the world as he searches for meaning in his life.

So Long, Farewell [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Death comes for Cable after he dies fighting Apocalypse.

The Space Between [DAYSPRING] (Alison Boehm)
(PG-13) Domino finally confesses her doubt and guilt and emotional exhaustion, but is there anyone listening?

Sparring [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Staying at the mansion just after the Phalanx Covenant, Angelo watches Cable pushing his limits in a lethal Danger Room program, and afterwards finds himself being 'tested'.

Stand The Hazard Of The Die [DAYSPRING] (Dandelion)
(PG-13) Domino is recruited by Remy to join the X-Men, and finds the idea of working with Cable again more than agreeable. (This is part of the Alchemy series.)

Stars In My Coffee [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)

Start Spreading The News [DAYSPRING] (Andrea)
(PG) The X-Men get some surprising news from Cable and Domino. A companion piece to Timesprite's Cold Weather Run.

Starting Points [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG-13) After Cable's death, a grieving Domino is the recipient of a 'pep talk' from a very unexpected source. (Companion piece to So Long, Farewell.)

The Storm [DAYSPRING] (Zanne)
(PG-13) Cable helps a young woman in the midst of a personal tragedy.

Subreality Cafe: The Pros And Cons Of Unrepentant Sadism [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Alicia stops in at the Cafe, looking for a Cable fictive, and runs into another Cable who's had just about enough of her penchant for torturing him and his counterparts.

Staying Alive': A Tale Of Mercenaries In Polyester [DAYSPRING] (DuAnn Cowart)
[Prologue] (in progress...)
(PG-13) An early and very atmospheric adventure of the Wild Pack.

Stuff And Nonsense [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)
(PG) Domino's thoughts in the night.

Succession [DAYSPRING; SHADOWLANDS] (Persephone)
(PG-13) In the Shadowlands, one particular Nathan Dayspring takes part in a very unique ritual to ensure the survival of his Clan. Part of the Shadowlands universe.

Summer Rain [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Corsair comes home to Earth for a visit, and finally gets to meet his grandson as an adult.

Summer Silence [DAYSPRING] (kaleko)
(PG-13) Domino deals with the aftermath of a summer day shattered by violence.

Summers On The H.M.S. Bellicose [DAYSPRING] (Jaya Mitai)
(PG-13) An Elseworlds tale of Lieutenant Nathan Summers and five very unusual women.

Suncross [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

Ash And Shadow
(PG-13) In a world where no one 'won' Inferno, a vastly altered Nathan fights alongside the remnants of the X-Men against Apocalypse and Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen.
Eden In Your Dreams
(PG-13) Colossus dies in another battle with the forces of Limbo, and Cecilia, unable to save him, finds herself unable to sleep. Wandering in the garden dome, she encounters Cable, and they share a rare peaceful moment.

Surfacing [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In the wake of the Psi-War, Domino goes looking for Cable--right in time to wind up in the middle of the Nemesis Contract.


Take Me Out To The Ballgame... [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Nathan and Scott take a trip into the city to take care of some legal business and catch a baseball game, but the day takes an unexpected and dangerous turn.

Tales Of The Wild Pack [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

First Dance [1] [2] [3]
(PG-13) The Wild Pack is looking for a new member, and the young woman known as Domino is positive she's the perfect one for the job. Now, if only she can survive the interview...
Friendly Fire [1] [2]
(PG-13) Not long after joining the Pack, Domino makes a disastrous mistake on a mission, and both she and Cable have to deal with the consequences.
Tango In Volgograd
(PG-13) On a mission in Russia, Cable and Domino find their relationship moving onto an entirely new level.
The Second-Best Way To Prevent Hypothermia
(PG-13) The Pack's helicopter goes down in the wilderness, and Cable and Domino choose the most enjoyable way to keep warm.
Truth In The Tequila
[1] [2] [3]
(PG-13) A mission gone bad awakens dark and painful memories for Cable, and the rest of the Pack is floored by his unique 'coping strategy'.
Turn Around And Face Your Fate
(PG-13) After the Pack's final mission, Cable has to face up to the consequences of that last, horrific decision.

Talisman [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) After the battle at Akkaba, Cable adds something to his uniform.

Talk Me Down [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(G) Cable messes with Domino's mind. Just a little. And not in the way you think.

Tequila, Plots And Videotape [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Some nightmares are persistent. For Cable, one of the very worst is... karaoke.

These Broken Walls [DAYSPRING] (kaleko)
(PG-13) Domino walks through the ruins of a home, and contemplates.

Through A Glass Lightly [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG-13) Domino's gone too far...

Through The Looking Glass [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] (in progress...)
(PG) Cable falls through some rotted floorboards and wakes up in a very strange place...

Through Fire [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

Thunder Chasing The Wind [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) In a future where the Sentinels have taken over, Cable rescues Storm from a prison camp.

The Ties That Bind [DAYSPRING] (Domenika Marzione)
(PG-13) What did Domino experience while she was Tyler's prisoner? And why did Cable, a telepath, never figure out that his 'Domino' was really Copycat?

Time Out [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG) Sequel to Timesprite's Blue Pancakes And Homemade Coffee . On the run, Domino pauses to grab something to eat, and is struck by a parallel to a meal months earlier, with Cable.

Time Passages [DAYSPRING] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
[1] (in progress...)
(PG) A very unusual young woman rescues Cable from Stryfe after the defeat of the Clan Chosen, and that's only the beginning.

Time, Tide and Trauma [DAYSPRING] (Timesprite)

In The Broken Places
(PG) Domino and Cable bond on an early Wild Pack mission.
With A Bang
(PG-13) A mission goes wrong and Cable tries to cope with the consequences.
(PG) Domino comforts Cable when he has trouble sleeping.
...A Word From Our Sponsors
(PG-13) Domino and Cable adjust, in the aftermath of their kiss in the Negev.
Noah's Dove
(G) Domino tries to convince herself to talk to Cable about the state of their relationship.
The Prosecution Wins
(PG-13) The issue of trust rears its head again in Cable and Domino's relationship, and she decides that she can no longer stand by and watch as he ignores everything, even his own welfare, in the pursuit of his mission.
Motorcycle Drive-By
(PG-13) After leaving Cable, Domino reflects on her choices, and life without him.
Self-Inflicted Wounds
(PG-13) Domino takes refuge with an old friend as she tries to fight off her demons.
Broken Wings
(R) Domino tries to forget her troubles, but a lapse in caution costs her dearly.
Speculative Frost
(PG-13) After his final confrontation with Apocalypse, Nathan tries to put the pieces of his life back together and comes to realize that there's something missing...
After Long Years
(PG) Years after she left Cable, Domino gets a phone call from him and agrees to meet him. Can they start over, or do the same issues that separated them remain?
Love (And Other Indoor Sports)
(PG-13) The weather gives Cable and Domino lots of time to contemplate their pasts, their present, and the task of rebuilding their relationship.
Time Of Troubles
(PG-13) What's another crash landing in the middle of nowhere between friends...?
Another Old Lang Syne [1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) Cable and Domino go back to the mansion for Christmas, but it turns out there's a lot more than the usual holiday stresses to deal with.
Path Of Thorns
(PG-13) Cable and Domino try to get on with their lives, but the past - and something more - is still in their way...
A Whisper Away [1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) Domino's problems begin to overwhelm her, and the truth slowly starts to emerge.
Mercury [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
(R) Still trying to deal with her demons, Domino is thrown into greater turmoil when she gets a critical clue to her past.
Cold Weather Run [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
(R) Their lives have changed so much that Cable and Domino aren't exactly sure where they're going, but events conspire to show them that maybe it's time they tried to figure that out...
Neptune's Pull
(PG) Nate and Dom head off for a bit of a vacation to celebrate a certain special occasion...

Tin Soldier [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

To Have And To Have Not [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde)
(PG-13) Sam convinces Domino to go to a costume party, where an unusual reunion results.

Today Is A Good Day To Die [DAYSPRING] (Leary)
(PG-13) After the X-Men are killed by the Marauders, Cable leads the other teams in an attempt to stop Sinister.

The Top Ten Reasons Cable Kicks Himself In The Ass [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) A Letterman-esque look at all the reasons Cable has to feel sorry for himself.

Transfiguration [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3]
(PG-13) Two months after the battle at Akkaba, Psylocke finally has to deal with the Shadow King for once and for all, and Cable becomes a pawn in their struggle.

Trigger [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG-13) Domino is faced with a choice as painful as it is obvious.
Steel Reflections [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG-13) Sequel to Trigger. Domino looks for answers to the mystery of the man she had to kill.

Trust Me [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Domino tries to talk Cable out of doing something drastic.

Two Princes [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

Two Princes
(PG) After Slym and Redd vanish, a suddenly 'orphaned' Nathan decided to take Stryfe with him as he flees Apocalypse's palace.
Island In A Sea Of Sand
(PG-13) Nate and Stryfe hide out in the desert as the dog soldiers search for them. The two boys still don't know if they can trust each other, but when Nate falls ill, their uneasy understanding is put to the test.


Umbral [DAYSPRING] (A.j.)
(PG) Standing in the Negev, waiting for the crystal wave to hit, Nathan spends his last moments thinking about the woman he loves.

Unexpected Companions [DAYSPRING] (Persephone)
[1] [2] [3]
(PG) Cable runs into two very familiar people, only they're nothing like their counterparts from his world--and in the case of one of them, this is definitely a good thing! Despite some awkwardness, the three of them decide to travel together, and a remarkable journey begins... Part of the Shadowlands universe.


Verona [DAYSPRING] (Dyce)

Viriditas [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Shadowlands. Domino tries to argue Nathan out of a despairing mood, while Lorna eavesdrops.

Virology [DAYSPRING] (Phil Hartman)
(PG-13) Domino reluctantly rushes to Nathan's side after something goes wrong when he tries to rid himself of the T-O virus.

Visitation [DAYSPRING] (Phil Hartman)
(G) After Scott's death, a depressed Cable has an illuminating encounter with...himself?

Vows [DAYSPRING] (Cosmic)
(PG) On a very important day, Nathan tries to make peace with his past so that he can move forward.


The Waiting Song [DAYSPRING] (Kerrin Watter)
(PG) The aftermath of OZT (see X-Force 70) from Domino's perspective.

War Crimes [DAYSPRING] (Diamonde)
(PG) Stryfe contemplates his war with Cable, and what it's cost both of them.

Weep Not, Aliya [DAYSPRING] (Riana)

Welcome The Sun [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Domino finds Cable watching the sunrise one morning, and he makes a surprising revelation.

Wenceslas [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Clan Chosen. On the festival eve of Winternight, Nathan Dayspring and his son Tyler make an unexpected journey to help someone in need...a journey that foreshadows one that Domino and Sam Guthrie will make years into Nathan's future, and two millenia in the past.

What Is, What If [DAYSPRING] (Zanne)
(PG) Cable talks frankly to Irene about his fears and doubts and hopes.

When Night Falls [DAYSPRING] (Riolee)
(PG-13) A grieving Cable receives some good advice from an unusual source.

When We Two Parted [DAYSPRING] (Brooke Hembree)
(PG-13) Cable, agent of SHIELD, makes an error in judgement on a dangerous mission, and an innocent young girl pays the price.

Where Light Dwells [DAYSPRING; X-MEN] (Diamonde)
(PG-13) Stryfe is given a second chance... (Archivist's Note: Connected to 'In My Image'.)

Who Lives By The Sword [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Imprisoned and tortured, Cable is losing his mind, slipping farther and farther into hallucinations.

Wings And Dreams [DAYSPRING; CYKE] (Jaya Mitai)

Of Clipped Wings And Dying Dreams
(PG-13) After a boy is killed 'playing Cannonball', Cable and Domino must track down a distraught Sam.
Of Failing Wings And Broken Dreams
(PG-13) Sam returns with Cable and Domino, but the situation gets worse.
Of Shattered Wings And Fading Dreams
(PG-13) Tragedy perpetuates tragedy, striking down the last person you would ever expect.
Of Fluttering Wings And Forgotten Dreams
(PG-13) After the events of 'Shattered Wings', Cable is struggling for control and lost in memories of the past. . .as a very dangerous door opens.
Of Spreading Wings And Sickly Dreams
(PG-13) Sam struggles to survive while Cable fights his own desperate battle.
Of Raising Wings And Deadly Dreams
(PG-13) Sinister's plan begins to unfold, and the new player in the game settles into his 'role'.
Of Ragged Wings And Hollow Dreams
(PG-13) Domino and the X-Men face a desperate dilemma, and the enemy within plots.
Of Kismet Wings And Killing Dreams
(PG-13) The situation with Cable comes to a head, and Sinister advances his plan another step.
Of Struggling Wings And Besieged Dreams
(R) Sam is found, and the large battle begins. . .
Of Tethered Wings And Haunted Dreams
(PG-13) . . .but things don't go well. . .
Of Crushed Wings And Conquered Dreams
(PG-13) . . .and sometimes, even 'winning' isn't a cause for celebration.
Of Ruined Wings And Wakened Dreams
(PG-13) The aftermath, as the major players try to pick up the pieces. But is it the end?

Wiser Days [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
(PG-13) A young British Intelligence agent by the name of Pete Wisdom is sent to 'remove' Cable, and an assassination attempt turns into the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

With a Whimper [LOGAN; DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Logan, Storm, Emma, Domino] (Cherry Ice)
The end of the world, and a diner. That about wraps it all up.

Worlds Between Us [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG-13) Lost in the shifting zones, Scott Summers find himself the prisoner of the son he never knew, about to pay the price for a 'crime' he never committed.


X-S: Growing Up X [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)

X-S: A Shoulder To Cry On
(PG)After the birth of her cousin Rachel, an out-of-sorts Siku receives comfort from a very unexpected source--her cousin Nathan.
X-S: A Winter's Tale
(PG) After a difficult day at school and stresses at home, Siku finds her heart lightened when she shares a very special experience with her cousins Nathan and Rachel.


You Can Count On Me [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Shadowlands. When Nathan is overdue in returning from the shifts, Domino keeps his journal updated for him, recording, among other things, the first Christmas at the Oasis.

You Said You Wanted A Revolution [DAYSPRING] (Alicia McKenzie)
(PG) Cable walks through a city, seeing both its public face and the shadows beneath the surface.



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